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Let me start off by saying that the reason I felt compelled to write this piece is because I want to educate the public, and nonprofit companies, about the business practices of Acteva. I did not write the article to bring shame upon the company – as you’ll see when you read the article the company has brought shame upon themselves – but rather because I am appalled by their business practices. After reading so many heartbreaking stories of companies that are owed thousands upon thousands of dollars, it is my hope that this article will educate the public so that I no longer have to hear of companies who have been taken advantage of by Acteva.

I will be following up on this story and hope to share even more information as I collect it. I have recently been in contact with two businesses who do not wish to be identified at the present time because they are still hoping to reach a resolution with Acteva. Between the two they are owed over $175,000 from this company, and while I greatly hope that they will be able to get the funds that they are owed, I will admit that I am doubtful. There are several companies with the same story. Get App Complaints

Please feel free to leave comments and to share this story. Maybe if the word gets around enough Salesforce will remove Acteva from their vendor list and maybe, just maybe, Acteva will feel the pressure and will pay all the companies that they owe. We reached out to Salesforce and they replied with: “Thanks for reaching out. Unfortunately, we don’t comment on our partners’ business.”

If you are owed money by Acteva, please contact us so we can assist you in getting your money. Acteva is now feeling compelled to start paying back the money owed now.

5 thoughts on “Why This Site

  1. Check out this new fake comment!

    Everything you say here is believable but since you aee not disclosing your true identity it is seems to me that a crook is calling his associate a thief.

    Disclose your complete identity and I will believe you.

    • Of course everything we are saying is believable. There countless documentation to back it up. We have published images as proof. There are several websites with these same complaints listed and we are are linking to the sources. This comment has too many question marks. This comment was left using a website does not exist and an email address that could not be verified. Yet this comment is asking us to identity ourselves. Is that not, “a crook is calling his associate a thief.” or are we missing something?

    • We can not get over the, “Everything you say here is believable” part. Too funny. They never know, who all could be helping out too.

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