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Who is Acteva Sucks

Hi, my name is Jason Brown. I am a project manager for a web design and SEO company. I am donating my time and services to bring Acteva’s business practices to light to get countless NPO’s paid the THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS OWED.

I first learned about Acteva from my wife in March 2013. Her company was owed $65,000 from Acteva. As she tried to contact Acteve, her calls and emails were ignored. I started to look into Acteva and started to see complaint after complaint and the that their BBB rating was revoked.

I contacted a NPO and was told a similar story as to what I had heard from my wife. I decided to start this site. This site started off with me and has morphed into a few of my friends and colleagues helping out. I have been contacted with several NPO’s and they have been supplying me with information. The same NPO’s that Acteva has chosen to ignore have become my allies. A community has formed and information is being passed around.

I have received 2 comments about how people do not approve of my tactics.  Yes, my tactics are not for everyone. You know what, Acteva is not for NPO’s. I am hearing about funding being cut off, programs being shut down, staff being laid off and employees not getting paid all the while Acteva ignores countless emails and phone calls.

I understand that my methods are not acceptable to everyone, but allowing Acteva to continue to do that same thing day after day is madness.

Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.

Albert Einstein

It is time for Acteva to be shut down so this vicous cycle comes to an end and there are no more NPO”s being victimized by Acteva.

If you disagree with me, please email me, I will respond to you. You will get more communication from me in 1 day than you will in 6 months from Acteva. If Acteva owes you money, please email me so I can advise you of steps to take to try and recoup your money.

email: info@actevasucks.info




Thank you,

Jason Brown

Acteva Sucks Admin



One thought on “Who is Acteva Sucks

  1. Acteva paid us back after a long struggle and some legal assistance. However, we got an email/phone call today from them today wanting us to renew our contract. Seriously??? What are they thinking?

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