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Where did Dave Ghosh go

There was a time when comments posted by Acteva had Dave Ghosh’s name attached to them. Dave Ghosh had posted in conjunction with positive reviews. Here is Dave reply to a positive review from February, 2012

Acteva Dave Ghosh replies

Dave Ghosh even replied to a negative comment on a Techsoup.org forum

Acteva Dave Ghosh comment


Dave Ghosh’s name no longer appears on any postings by Acteva. If Acteva replies, the comments are left anonymous or signed Acteva Team. The first comment signed as Acteva Team even tried to offer a credit voucher.


Acteva no name comment


No Acteva employe name is used nor did they provide an employee’s email address. We believe they set up this email address so that they show Techsoup that they are working with their customers.  Acteva followed this comment up with another one after the question was raised about all of the money being owed.


Acteva Contact us no name


We at this site, received the same message with a different email address. We sent back a reply asking why we should post it and have not heard back at all. Acteva does know one of the members of this site as a Linkedin message was sent to them on April 25th.

Dave Ghosh linkedin message

That member of the site did have their Linkedin profile checked out by Dave Ghosh and another mystery guest.

dave ghosh acteva salesforce linkedin

We are in the process of trying to identify the Salesforce mystery guest. We have been emailing Salesforce prior to this site going live and have sent a handful of emails on weekly basis as well. Time will tell if Acteva starts using an employee name and if it will be Dave Ghosh or somebody else. We also wonder will Acteva contact us or continue to ignore us.


5 thoughts on “Where did Dave Ghosh go

  1. Well, if Dave Ghosh was “deeply disheartened” after that one negative comment, he must be downright suicidal after the 23 unresolved cases reported to the BBB since December, coupled with multiple other Tech Soup comments on late/missing payments.

    Poor guy. It’s hard working for a company that doesn’t give a damn about their customers. We should send him a sympathy card and urge him to come out from the rock he’s been hiding under.

    • I hear that if you send him a card, he may never acknowledge it. We love this line, “Over the past few months we have not been as responsive to our customers request due to an illness and hospitalization of one of our key executives.” We have not seen a decrease in their twitter postings, Facebook posts and blog posts. We have seen tweets promoting events that were currently accepting sign ups. The failure has been in making contact with the non-profits that they owe money to. What is the the excuse for failing to contact the BBB? Does that fall on the shoulders of that sick executive too? We fail to see how a sick employee prevents Claudio Vega from calling back clients that leave voice mails or email. Right, the excuses do not pass the giggle test.

  2. That is great advice. If Acteva seriously passes on your advice, they do not deserve to be in business at all. I doubt that they will be able to avoid any legal ramifications at this point. The BBB does contact the SF DA’s office to try and resolve the complaint. A few of the non-profits have filed complaints with the California Attorney General. It would be a great step to come out publicly and apologize to each and every single non-profit affect by these lack of payments. In fact, the non-profits want a personal letter mail directly to them and a copy emailed here.

    The ball in is Acteva court, do they do the right thing and pay everyone back or do they continue to ignore everyone? Time will tell.

  3. David is one of the Non-profits that Acteva owes money. David has provided us with the scores of emails to and from Acteva. David’s case with the BBB was closed yesterday. Acteva did not respond to the BBB complaint. David was offered a $250 credit voucher for additional services and has turned it down. David wants the money owed by Acteva. I have received the same documentation that was sent off the the SF DA and various news media.

    I wish somebody with a background in law could advise us how a contract is still valid when it appears that Acteva breached it but no making the payments according to schedule. That is for another day.

    David is proving that, this is not over. The BBB may not be able to get Acteva to respond, but that does not mean there are not other options available. If Acteva manages to come to this site, it might be a great idea to contact everyone ASAP, before its too late. We still have not heard any reply from Acteva to this point. It looks like we will not hear anything as well.

  4. Correction – I have provided this site admin scores of emails TO Acteva.

    The amount of emails FROM Acteva I could count on one hand and have about three fingers left over.

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