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Last week, I was contacted by a person claiming to be a former Acteva employee. They wished to be kept anonymous  I was informed that the entire Acteva sales staff was laid off in the beginning of May 2013. It is painful to hear about people being let go and wish them the best of luck with finding a new job. Along with the claim that the entire staff was laid off, I was also furnished with some additional claims.

Claim 1. Employees were kept in dark

Employees knew there were some issues with Acteva. They would inquiry about the status of the company and management would reassure them. They never knew the full extent of the issues or how bad it was. They have been through the ups and downs and thought it would correct itself. There were several dark times and the company managed to pull through. I do not see it happening this time.

Claim 2. Acteva is shutting down.

One “former employee” has stated that the India office was shut down in January. Laying off the entire sales team sure seems to support this claim. How do you lay off your entire sales team and expect to survive. How do you sell a product without any sales people. Press releases, Twitter and Facebook will not bring in the business.

Claim 3. Late payments strained relationships

I was told that by Acteva delaying checks to some of its long time clients, it frayed relationships between the sales staff and their clients.

Claim 4. No new clients without their own payment processor

This has been the major issue for the NPO’s not getting paid. All of the payments went directly to Acteva and we supposed to be paid out 2 times a month. Is there enough fees collected to keep Acteva up and running?

Claim 5. All of the money went to start social world

Acteva was busing working on this project and was using funds to build it out. It sounds like Acteva is expect this to be their saving grace. I personal think the money could have been better spent paying their clients instead of building out a new system.

Acteva no longer has a sales team to generate new business. Delayed payments has had a negative impact with their current clients, with some choosing to go else where. Its hard to see how Acteva is going to correct this. They do not seem to be left with many options. They will either have to file for bankruptcy or try and find investors to keep going.

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