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A week of Hack Attempts

It was an eventful week for the Acteva Sucks site with numerous hack attempts. On Tuesday February 11th, I woke up and checked my emails and saw a slew of hack attempts email notifications. This is not new and I normally see a few from time to time. What made these hack attempts different and stand out was the fact that it was multiple domains and accounts hosted on the server that were under attack. That is not normal at all. I kept an eye on the alert emails saw the same patterned repeated over and over. There is no way to directly pinpoint the person(s) responsible, but I strongly suspect it is either Acteva or Mylo Solutions.

I decided to email Pankaj Gupta at Acteva and Bill Briner and Michael McNally at Mylo Solutions and advised that I was A fully aware of the hack attempts, B hacking is a crime and C if the hack attempts did not stop, I will deem it as acts of aggression. I waited 24 hours to see if they hacks would stop prior to writing and adding my February update post. While I was writing it, I was still seeing spuratic hits. Four hours after the post went live, I was hit with a new wave of attacks. The attack was targeting two domains, actevasucks and the-content-writers. The program was going back and forth between the 2 domains. I am the project manager for The Content Writers, so it makes sense that that domain is being targeted. This only makes it seem more feasible that its either Acteva or Mylo Solutions behind the attacks.

Being Reactive

After a full night of hack attempts from Wednesday to Thursday, I made some upgrades on security. I moved the Actevasucks site off the server and set up hosting with Godaddy. I upgraded the CMS login and created a two step log in process. I also set up a backup system that backs up after each change. No site is unhackable. The backup will allow me to put the site right back up. I have put a few additional security measures in place and like any good magician, I will not share my secrets.


I noticed that some of my keywords have slipped or are not rankings as well as I would like. I am going to focus on pushing them up now. I started working on this earlier this week. We are going to continue to reach out to all events that we find and advise them of the issues payment issues. On Friday February 14th, I attempted to reach out to Pankaj Gupta. I called Acteva and Mary promptly transferred me to Pankaj Gupta’s voicemail. His box was full and unable to accept my message. I pressed zero and was prompted to a gentleman and advised him I was trying to leave a message for Pankaj. When I identified myself, he knew exactly who I was. I doubt Pankaj will call me back to discuss the recent hacking attempts.

Knocking this site offline, will not do anything to help Acteva or Mylo Solutions. I will quickly repair the site and put it back up. There will always be the news coverage of Acteva neglecting to pay back countless groups. That level of press will never go away. They are whitelisted by Google. The other item to note is, there are several irritate people that are making noise and will keep fighting the fight. I can say the hack attempts is well over 1500 since Tuesday. This has only added more fuel to my fire to keep fighting the good fight. I assure it would have been much easier for Acteva and Pankaj Gupta to deal with this head on, rather then have is play out this way.

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