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Want to meet Louise Gafner

It appears that Louise Gafner is a hard woman to track down and get a hold of at Acteva. She finally respond to the client and the reply was strange. Louise is not sure what day or month it is.

Louise Gafner Acteva reply

Friday April 24th? Its almost the end of may and Louise seems to think its April.  We also notice the email  has a time stamp of 12:50 am.  This mean that either the clock is wrong on the person receiving the email or Louise fired off this email after hours.  After getting her email address, I fired out and email to her and got back an even stranger reply.

Louise Gafner Acteva out of office

Out of office and expect to be back Tuesday April 30th. Has her out of office reply been on for over a month? Maybe she turned it on for the holiday week and forgot to switch the month and date. Or maybe it more evidence of bad employees at a bad company.

Since nobody at Acteva has responded to us there is no way to ascertain this. With the countless, ignored phone calls, emails, series of checks claiming to be sent that never arrive. It begins to feel more and more like a duck. Inept employees is frankly just the cherry on top. The bigger issue is not Louise Gafner not being able to tell time, its the fake positive reviews and the 2 missing yelp listings.

5 thoughts on “Want to meet Louise Gafner

  1. Well at least she responded, which is more than what she did for us. Another person in our organization tried to call her multiple times this winter to find out where our payments were, after being given her phone number by another employee. She could never leave a message because Louise’s voicemail box was always full.

    A couple weeks later, I successfully left messages in her voicemail box. Many of them, in fact. All unreturned. I also followed up with a half a dozen emails to her email address. All were ignored except one automated “out of office” message (shown below). It is sad when the only time you can get a response is when someone is actually not in the office.

    And besides, if Louise sent that email you showed above on May 23, why is she claiming that Ed Lemire is still out on disability? And what constitutes “urgent issue” in her mind…..what did we miss doing to get her to treat our extremely late, missing payments as “urgent”?

    From: “Louise Gafner”
    Date: April 5, 2013 11:02:01 AM
    Subject: Out of Office AutoReply: We still have not received payment

    I will be out of the office on Fri, April 5th Will return Mon after 2 pm.

    PS. In rereading Louise Gafner’s “out of office” response, I did note that she only states her return time….there is no statement of “I’ll get back to you when I return on Monday”. So I guess I can’t get her for lying.

  2. This is beyond strange. Most people don’t change their Out Of Office messages in the middle of their vacation. And the vast difference in these 2 replies leads me to believe that she IS in the office but simply doesn’t want to bother replying, or checking the date.

    • If she is truly out of the office, she sure takes a lot of time off. Does she have that much vacation time? Is it pot, there paid time off too? We hope not, there are better uses for the money.

  3. While I appreciate that you’re taking on the role of champion for non profits that are not getting paid by Acteva (my organization is also owed money by Acteva), I’m starting to worry whether you’ve also got another agenda. Some of the things you’re doing (attacking mid level staff who are probably just doing their jobs and don’t know what’s going on) and saying about Acteva might well destroy the business.

    How does that scenario help nonprofits to get paid? I’m just curious and concerned that you might be hurting organizations that you’re saying you want to help. For the record, I don’t like the way you’re embarrassing more junior level team members at Acteva — don’t you want to know who is actually responsible before you destroy people’s reputations?


    • I have personally replied in email to Simon and here is what I sent off:

      I am using this site to pressure Acteva into doing the right thing and to contact the NPO’s they have been ignoring. If it were not for the fact I got to see how Acteva treats its clients, I would not started this site. Over the course of this site going live, Acteva has continued to ignore countless emails, phone calls, and left nonsense comments on this site.

      I have 3 goals with this site:
      A. Get the NPO’s paid
      B. Shut down Acteva for good, so there are no more victims
      C. Have criminal charges filed

      I fully understand that my methods are not acceptable to everyone. It is very hard to show Acteva any form of respect with when have been so disrespectful to their “clients”. I have heard story after story of programs being shut down and staff being laid off. How has Acteva responded, with lies, excuses and tons of silence. I have heard its Hurricane Sandy’s fault, internal fraud investigation, Ed Lemire being out on sick leave, and we will get back to you.

      I am fully aware that there will come a point when there will be a lot of NPO’s out thousands of dollars and I have a plan for that. I will plan on taking up donations so that the money raised can be split among the NPO’s.

      I am not collected any money for this project and this is my way of giving back to men and women that are trying to do some good in this world and their community.

      If Acteva owes you money, you know better than I do, if you have gone through the same experiences as the other NPO’s. My wife’s company is getting regular weekly checks and should be paid off by mid July. That will be great for them, but sadly their are countless other NPO’s that Acteva is still ignoring to this day.

      Is Acteva ignoring your countless emails and phone calls? Are you getting the generic emails of we will get back to you in 5 to 7 business days? Has it been months since Acteva has owed you money? if you answer yes to any of these questions, then maybe you will understand why I am doing this.

      Acting mid level employees. Lets see Louise Gafner and Claudio Vega do not respond to their emails and voicemails. Claudio is the one we suspect of leaving the first comment, the “dumbshit” remark as the intials used were VC. Bill Briner, decided to post a comment on saleforce an hour after my wife’s boss left a negative comment. Acteva has been caught falsify positive reviews to boost business. The research I have done shows a long history of the same antics of the course of 3 years. Acteva has been disrespectful to all of their customers. I hope their employees jump ship and find new jobs before they don’t get their next pay check. I assure you, everyone at Acteva is fully aware of what is going on and this site. You can lead a horse to water but you can’t make them think.

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