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Victim 2

Another sad story from a non-profit that wishes to remain anonymous:

Today, May 3rd 2013 we were contacted by another non-profit that is experiencing the same issues we have all heard countless times.

They are claiming that Acteva owes them money from over a year ago. Yes, they are claiming to be owed money since 2012. The amount owed is over $18,000. They are also claiming that Claudio Vega is no longer communicating with them. They stated that they contacted Acteva back in April and recieved the general we will esclate this matter and get back you, and have heard nothing since.

We have heard that a few non-profits are being contacted by Acteva and are starting to recieve payments, but not everyone is as forutante.

If this is your story, please contact us so that we add you to list and help advise you on the proper steps to help recoup your money.

Thank you,
Acteva Sucks

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