< Victim 1 - Eric

Victim 1 – Eric


Note: all names, dates and personal information have been changed to protect the Acteva clients who are still attempting to get the money owed to them from Acteva.

Like many non-profit organizations, Eric Stevenson’s company decided to use Acteva for one of their events. Acteva definitely paints a very enticing portrait for businesses who want to host events easily, but as you’ve seen from this website the problems start when you try to get the payments that are owed to you, which is something Eric discovered fairly quickly.

After the Event

Once Eric’s event was completed he realized that Acteva had not completed the payment owed to the company and contacted them. Eric attempted on several occasions to contact Louise Gafner but Louise never responded to a single vociemail. And this was no small payment. Acteva owed his company over $18,000. After waiting three weeks to hear a response from the initial email sent, Eric finally received something from the Merchant Operations Liason, Claudio Vega.

Claudio responded that the inquiry had been sent and that the whole case was under investigation. Eric was told, via email, that it would take 5-7 business days for the account to be reviewed. This was on January 5, 2013.

After receiving the initial reply from Claudio, Eric was encouraged that there had simply been some sort of mistake and that the investigation would clear things up. Eric followed up on the situation on January 13th, by phone and email, but met with no responses. Let’s fast forward to February 27th. On February 27th Eric felt it necessary to send multiple emails to key players at Acteva. Why, you may ask? Because there had been no contact from Acteva since the January email exchange!

Eric did everything correctly, even asking the company to contacting the company on February 14th and requesting a response by February 20th (giving the company six full days to comply), but nothing happened.

On February 27th Eric informed Acteva, in email, that he would be contacting the Better Business Bureau as well as the Attorney General for his state about the missing monies.

Being an understanding person, Eric tried once more to contact Acteva to get the funds owed to the company he worked with. He sent yet another polite email requesting the $18,000 on February 28th, March 1, March 2, and left multiple voice mails as well. Finally, on March 5th, Eric received a voicemail from Claudio stating that someone would contact Eric within three days to clear up the situation.

Guess what? No one called Eric. At this point in time Eric and the organization he worked for agreed that it was best to contact the California Attorney General – as Acteva has a California address. It was at this point that Eric had done more research on Acteva and had realized the bad reputation that Acteva was swiftly receiving. On March 18h, Eric sent an email to Acteva informing them that he had contacted the attorney general and the BBB.

Once faced with such bad publicity, Acteva finally contacted Eric back and made arrangements to repay the amount owed to the non-profit organization.

So let’s count:

At least 10 emails sent from Eric to the Acteva company

Multiple phone calls to Acteva and voice mails left

And did Eric’s company receive the money owed to them?

A small portion of it. Acteva stated that they would make small payments over a period of time. If the size of the payments does not increase it will take Acteva almost a full year to pay off the money owed to Eric’s company.

This is not abnormal – most of the people who have come forward about Acteva’s shady business practices have been told by the company that they would receive small payments until the balance was paid off.

Almost makes it seem like Acteva doesn’t have the money to pay its clients, doesn’t it?

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