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The Curious Case of Cherry Piper

After we posted the reviews by Cherry Piper today, a friend of ours informed us to check out Cherry Piper more. We thought it was strange and at first we saw a ton references to the TV Show Charmed and the character played by Holly Marie Combs. This got our interest peaked even more.

We finally discovered a linkedin account:

Cherry Piper acteva LinkedIn profile
We then notices some strange inconsistencies. First off Piper is supposed be in Brooklyn, New York working while going to school. Also Cherry did her undergrad at Univ of Oregon and then transferred to their main rival. Seems far fetched. Then Piper claims to be working in San Francisco while posting that her company is in Georgia.

We were unable to find a JS Planning any where in California or Georgia. So we pressed on and found Cherry Piper on Merchant circle. Cherry posted only 1 review and its for, wait for it, Acteva.

Cherry Piper Merchant circle main page

Cherry shared no information on the merchant circle, not even the company she works for. The only review is the same one being posted in Merchant circle.

Acteva review Merchancircle Cherry Piper

But wait we found one more review over at trustpilot.

Acteva reviews  Cherry Piper Trustpilot

Its the same positive glowing review for Acteva. So by this count, Cherry has 4 positive reviews. 3 of those reviews are duplicate. In no review does Cherry use her company name. Hmm.

So we tried to find a photo of Cherry Piper and found a Facebook image.

Cherry Piper Facebook Acteva CBA Training Online

Apparently Cherry Piper shared a post on the CNA Training online page on February 18th 2013. Guess where that post links too? Yep you guessed it, its Acteva. Its a post by Acteva from January 29th 2013.

Cherry Piper shared Acteva post via Facebook

So we clicked on Cherry Pipers’ FB profile and Cherry has no profile picture. This could be because the profile is set to private. We do see that Cherry did share another Acteva blog post and managed to link her FB and Merchantcircle accounts.

cherry piper FB profile

There is no more information to find on Cherry Piper. We have been unable to find any additional information to prove she exists. We suspect we would have better luck finding big foot than proving that Cherry is real.


3 thoughts on “The Curious Case of Cherry Piper

  1. Let’s assume that she DOES exist……well, she’s not an active CMP (certified meeting professional) as she claims to be on her LinkedIn site. I know this because a sibling of mine is, and active CMPs are listed in the Convention Industry Council’s website:


    There are no active CMPs in the country with the last name of Piper.

    Also, notice the number of affiliations on Cherry Piper’s web page to people and organizations in India? Is that a coincidence? Me thinks not.

    Cherry also claims to have a “Post Graduate Diploma in Project Management” from the University of Oregon. Maybe they had one back in 2006, but they certainly don’t have that in their curriculum now. In fact, if you search for “Post Graduate Diploma in Project Management”, you’ll notice the lack these things in the US. However, you can get such a diploma online at the Maharashtra Institute of Technology, which is based in, you guessed it, India!

    I think that the person behind the “Cherry Piper” name is an Acteva employee in India. Unless the real Cherry Piper appears and proves me wrong, that’s my theory and I’m sticking to it.

    • Well, if you can manage to be on both coasts at the same time, surly you can get a degree that is not offered. I especially admire the fact that she went to the main rival for her graduate degree too.

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