The Curious Case of Acteva’s Yelp Reviews

Today’s consumers are internet-savvy and turn to the internet for reviews on everything before they lay down a dime. But what happens when a well-known reviewing company inputs code to hide a company’s listings? is a website that thousands of people turn to every day in order to look up reviews for local businesses. With reviews available for everything from restaurants to carpenters, from one side of the nation to the other, it’s not surprising that the website sees a huge amount of traffic. Since 2010 there have been accusations that the people in charge at Yelp accepted payments from businesses to remove negative reviews, that they were extorting businesses, and that, simply put, they had some seriously shady business practices. But while Yelp has successfully defended themselves in court, it’s no wonder why more and more people are becoming skeptical of the reviews found on the website.

It seems now, however, as though the concerns about Yelp might be worth listening to. If you go onto and enter the word “Acteva” you will find no listings. Nada. Yet only a few weeks ago there were two listings for the Actevacompany along with a number of negative reviews. But why are there no reviews for Acteva now?


The Acteva company is designed to help businesses and individuals create, and manage, events. The company has come under fire lately thanks, in part, to a website that is calling out the company on their non-payment statuses and multiple negative reviews. has even called attention to the loss of BBB accreditation that the company has suffered and the owner of the site has been contacted by numerous individuals who report experiencing the same types of issues with the company.

It seems as though something shady may be happening again as it is extremely difficult to find ay Acteva listings on Yelp unless you had the web addresses already saved on your browser. But why do the listings not show up? A little in-depth digging shows firstly that the company merged two accounts into one (not a big deal), but also shows that somehow a Noindex code has been plugged into the Yelp Acteva listing and the 2nd Yelp Acteva listing.

Acteva yelp 9 reviews page source

Here is the same Acteva Yelp listing as it appears live.

Acteva yelp 9 reviews live site


A Noindex code allows websites to hide from crawlers, such as Google, Yahoo, and even the Yelp crawler itself. Because this code is active on the Acteva listing it is virtually undetectable on the site. But why would a company not want to be seen on Yelp?

It may have something to do with the fact that there are 9 reviews on the listing, and of the reviews give the company only 1 star – something no company attached to Yelp wants to have. One Yelp study completed in 2012 showed that one half-star gains a restaurant about 19% more reservations, so we can only imagine how that would change the business fate of a company with all negative reviews.

As of this article no one is quite sure why the Noindex code is on the Yelp page. But one thing’s for certain: with all of the criticism surrounding both Yelp and Acteva now a days, it’s likely that both businesses are going to be seeing a serious dip in their profits.

We have since being contact with Yelp and have been advised that the Acteva does not find the Yelp guidelines for local businesses. They have hidden the two Acteva listings by adding the noindex code. Yelp has also added the noindex code to the Eventbrite listing.

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