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The Acteva sucks site was launched on April 15th, 2013 and was promoted on twitter. I had a reply from @davbunnell on April 15. “this company is actually in San Francisco, I’ve been there and I met with CEO…do you hate Indians?”
Dave Bunnell Twitter

Turns out Dave Bunnell is handling the social media for Acteva. I looked him up on Linkedin. The Acteva account keeps tweeting the same tweets over and over over several hours and or days. Dave Bunnell replied back with his own account.

Last Thursday, I sent an email to Acteva asking when they planned on paying back all of the money owed.  Shortly after that email was sent an insulting comment: “nice dumbshit–way to spell egregious,” was left on this site.  I took a careful look at the name and email address used. The named use was VC. I have seen several emails from Acteva signed CV. I suspect that VC is Claudio Vega in reverse. The email address left was vc@actevasucks.com I am .info and there is no .com, the rub is their site is www.acteva.com Its sad if it is that Acteva would rather insult one of their victims, then address the issues that caused the complaint.

Later that day I sent a message to Dave Ghosh asking when they planned on paying back the non-profits. I have not heard a reply. Dave Ghosh did however click on and view my linkedin profile. I have not heard back from him.

On Monday April 29th, I got this comment from from Acteva:
Good Afternoon,

Although Acteva does not share financial information regarding our customers, we do want to communicate that we have been in touch with all of the non-profit organizations and are working with each one directly to address their concerns.

For the past few months we have been in contact with all of the non-profit customers. For most of those customers all of their questions along with any receipts that were due have been resolved for quite some time. Other organizations are receiving payments and will continue to do so till they are fully paid.

If you have any further questions regarding your individual account, please contact CustomerCare@acteva.com. Please include your full contact information and your Account ID#.

I replied back with:
Thank you for visiting my site today and for your comment.

Before I approve the comment I have the following requests and or questions.

Please tell me why I should approve your comment, when you have failed to respond to several emails and phone calls from several non-profits.

I also want an apology for the Dumbshit comment directed to WD along with the name of the employee that left the comment.

I also want a name of the Acteva Employee that posted today’s comment as I will be adding that name to comment left today.

Thank you,
Acteva Sucks

I have yet to hear back from Acteva at all. Instead, Dave Ghosh contacted my one  of the non-profits wanting the site taken down. He was informed that I do not work for that company and that they have no control over the site and my actions.

Now yesterday, May 1st, 2013 I get left this comment from Brenda:

First off, I would like to acknowledge what you are trying to do with this website. However, I would also like to bring to your attention that you are damaging relationships for other non profits who do not have these issues with Acteva. My organization has been using Acteva for years and never had a problem. We moved to their new application and have an account that puts the money right into our own bank account. The reason we chose to do this was because a lot of our customers were not aware of the Acteva name and were charging back the credit cards and we didn’t want to pay those additional fees. We have not had any issues with Acteva, but what you are doing is putting us in a bad position. Since I pretty much live in the non profit community, I am hearing a lot about this site. I have asked several people in the community if they have any issues and not one of them have had any issues. We even received a phone call from one of ‘your’ posters telling us about how Acteva is doing them wrong. I don’t appreciate it. Trying to solve the problem is commendable. Trying to put a business out of business which has a much bigger effect on other non profits is just mean. Please think about your actions and how others might be affected. There are steps for people to take as others have pointed out. A witch hunt is not the answer. Anyways, that is my experience.


I altered the comment to reflect that it is a bogus comment from Acteva. I still have not heard back from Acteva at all.

Later on May 1st, a friend of mine, Tim Biden received this exchange on his twitter:

jimmybeanscafe acteva twitter defense


Ken Okino is connected to Dave Bunnell and Ken decided to reply to Tim Biden’s tweet about Acteva.

@timbiden Been reading your tweets about @acteva, you are so petty it must be embarrassing for your friends! Get a life!

@timbiden @Acteva is working these problems, they have 1000’s of happy customers, you just won’t let go, will you? Small minded….

This is the twitter account used to promote Jimmy Beans Cafe see:


I fired off a few tweets and was blocked when I check on May 2nd, 2013.

I know that Ken Okino is a  connection of Dave Bunnell as he has retweeted a few tweets from Dave own twitter and his unfrazzle account.

Ken Okino Dave Bunnell connection


Here is the unfrazzle tweet:

Ken Okino  unfrazzle

Instead of getting any form of reply from an Acteva employee, some person that has a connection to Dave Bunnebll tries to defend Acteva by being insulting. I used the Acteva sucks twitter to say this:

.@jimmybeanscafe your tweets are offensive to all the non-profits out money, the programs shut down and staff laid off, nice job.

I have still not gotten a single reply from Acteva.

Now today: May 3rd, 2013 we received this comment:

Everything you say here is believable but since you aee not disclosing your true identity it is seems to me that a crook is calling his associate a thief.

Disclose your complete identity and I will believe you.

This comment was left using a website that does not exist and an email address that could not be verified.

After several months of no contact or comments from Acteva, I get this love note comment:

Please beware of this site, this is made to blackmail acteva and earn money, acteva is good company always paid its bills on time, but due to some slowdown and sandy it is them bad period, please have Patations, all of you will paid,

And Jason if your are real genuine then do not delete this comment.


Acteva Dave Comment

This comment was posted in India as I watch as the ip was visiting my site. I also get alerted to the IP address that leave any and all comments.

new Acteva comment


The IP was super busy this morning trolling my site and hit page after page. This is only a small sample of the pages viewed.

I am not making any money off this site. I am not blackmailing Acteva. If they have any proof to liable claim, they had better do it now or apologize.

The Acteva twitter account has now become one of David Bunnell’s twitter account. Janelle now has a last name and has begun tweeting unfrazzle’s tweets. Jimmy Beans Cafe has closed down and Ken Okino has been tweet unfrazzle’s tweets. The new Mylo Solutions twitter was also retweeting by noth Acteva’s old twitter and Ken Okino’s accounts.

7 thoughts on “The Acteva talk

  1. Sooo basically you’re dealing with a company who decides that subterfuge is better than clear communication and excellent customer service? So noted!!

    • That is how it is appearing. We have fired off a few emails and have not heard a single reply back. The comment we have not published came from somebody claiming to be Acteva and if it is, that means that Acteva is aware of this site and B have not contacted us. We already know that Dave Ghosh is aware of this site.

  2. Wow, I just found this site and I am horrified to see that company would act in this way. They say one’s character is truly shown when they face adversity. I hope somebody shuts down this company once and for all.

  3. That has to be the saddest post I have read. I can not believe that this company would act in this manner. The Ken comments are absurd. Why did he even jump into it. Did ever respond back to your tweets since then. Why is he even tweeting on Bunnell nonsense. I normally don’t comment on posts, but felt compelled to chime in.

  4. These comments perfectly illustrate what type of company Acteva is. Do you hate Indians? Really why is that the first response to a complaint. It just gets worse from there. Why did they feel the need to keep coming back and posting such lame comments? I think that thought they were being clever and smart, but it backfired on them. Next time, I have an issue with somebody, I will have a my hairstylist fire off a series of tweets on my behalf.

  5. Wow what a PR nightmare. It sad when companies have to resort these type of actions. If you get caught doing something wrong, stop and apologize and fix it. Don’t get defensive and start the mudslinging and insults. Its seems that Acteva does not care about their reputation or understand the full weight of what is transpiring here. Here is a clue, you have a whole website devoted to you documenting your bad business practices. The Press and Media are getting involved and the story is found on Yahoo Finance. At what point will Mr. Gutpa wake up and see the light of day.

  6. This is both sad and hysterical. Its sad that a company would engage with somebody at this level. Its hysterical to see the level they stooped too. Wow. That is the easiest way to destroy your reputation. BTW, I looked at the Ken Okino twitter account and it looks super fake. I doubt its a real person. That is my 2 cents. I love the disclose your identity part while they hide their name and email.

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