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The Acteva Saga

Pankaj Gupta Acteva FB profileI can not believe that my site dedicated to Acteva is still up and running. I never imaged that after 4 months, things would not have changed. I thought that Acteva would see this site and and wise up and do a 180. I knew they would contact me, but I had hoped it would have been to try and working things out and not insult their clients. I figured I would be able to post up success stories of people being paid. I never imaged that after Acteva acknowledged this site, that I would still be contacted by more groups owed money.

I am taking some heat for this site. The comments are justified and warranted. I find myself in a slippery slope with how to deal with Acteva. There is a moral component here. Do I close my eyes and walk away so Acteva can continue to make money at the expense of others or do I step up and prevent any more carnage. I know that my site is not helping out Acteva to generate new business. After seeing how they paid $45.63 on an account that is owed $1,549.74, I do not see how they can be trusted with new business. This figure comes directly from the BBB complaint closed on August 12th as problems with Product / Service.

Last Thursday, August 7th, 2013 I received 3 comments from Acteva. The first comment was posted as an attempt to discredit me. This user posted as David G. Later that day, I get the comment from Phil, whom claims to be a former employee, advising that Acteva is now out of business and its my fault. If that is true, I applied so much pressure on Acteva and hurt thier business so much that they folded in 3 and a half months. I seriously doubt that. In the beginning of May, 2 weeks after my site went live the sales staff was laid off. If this statement is true then, Acteva has hemorrhaging before I even created the site.

I sat back and pondered how to deal with the comments directed at and what seems to be happening to Acteva. Saturday I wrote the first draft and took a break in the middle of it. I am glad I did not publish that draft. There have been some new developments that have come to light. Several key employees have update their Linkedin profiles to show that they left in July. On Friday August 8th, the online chat was down. Its is now back up. That seems to show some signs of life. Yesterday I was informed of the most interesting discovery. Acteva is still hiring. The latest job posting was August 12th. How is a shut down company still looking for employees. Phil stated, I was beating a dead horse. The horse is not a horse, its a possum.

I am hearing that Pankaj Gupta has been contacting people that are owed money. This is a huge step forward, however there is no timetable of when funds will be paid back. The calls are described as a lot of nonsense with every excuse in the book as to why funds can not be paid back. I am being blamed for the fact that funds can not be paid back. How was I too blame for funds not being paid back in March 2013? I did hear that he did admit that he had a risky business plan. Why was this not figured out sooner. Why was money still be collected once it was discovered that people could not be paid back. That is the real issue. The business model could not sustain itself.

I have been asked if Acteva could resolve its business practices should they be allowed to. That is almost like handing a thief the keys to the bank. I have no confidence that Acteva has learned anything. I do not see any evidence that they understand how their actions are wrong. They claim that I am the reason that their bank loan was not approved. I am not. I have not been contacted by any financial institutions. I do not have that type of power.

In the meantime, Mr. Gupta and Acteva will continue to make excuses and take money from unsuspecting clients. I would take solace in the fact that Pankaj Gupta is picking up the phone and making contact, but those that have heard from him have not be able to get a time table on getting paid. In the meantime, the line of groups out money grows more and more each day.

2 thoughts on “The Acteva Saga

  1. As a representative of one organization that has suffered at the hands of Acteva, I salute your efforts. The notion that you are responsible for the company’s problems is absurd. Because Acteva chose not to communicate openly and candidly with their clients, a site like your was bound to spring up. It gave us some hope that we might find a way to address the crisis Acteva plunged our organization into.

    Mr. Gupta did contact our organization and we did receive less than 1/5 of what we were owed — then he went silent again and did not live up to his promise of weekly payments to close the gap.

    Mr. Gupta attempted to place the blame on us for having our event attendees dispute their credit card charges — but without any guarantee that Acteva would ever pay us, what choice did we have?

    Acteva has still not learned the most basic lessons of good business practice. Until they do, your site has a reason to exist — I shudder to think about an organization entering into a business relationship with Acteva now. What you are doing is part of the movement toward giving customers a voice about the companies and products they purchase. If representatives of Acteva want to denounce what you are doing, they are simply putting the coffin nails into their troubled, mismanaged business.

  2. Whether it was intentional or not, Acteva is operating a ponzi scheme of sorts.

    Yes, if the business shuts down, some organizations may not get paid. But if it shuts down sooner rather than later, many fewer organizations will avoid the Acteva plague. I believe you are doing the right thing by preventing this mess from spreading. I find it a shame that the DA and AG haven’t stepped in to help.

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