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Reopened Acteva BBB Complaint

Today one of the NPO’s just informed us that their Acteva BBB complaint was just reopened. The reason for the complaint be reopened is due to Acteva contacting the BBB. Acteva advised the BBB that the amount owed was paid off.

The original complaint was filed on April 4th, 2013. Acteva was contacted on separate occasions of the complaint. The first contact on April 5th, 2013 was marked unanswered on April 23rd, 2013. That same day the BBB contacted Acteva again to follow up. On May 6th, 2013 the complaint was closed by the BBB.

On April 30th, 2013 Acteva contacted this NPO in question and provided them with a FEDEX tracking number for the first of several checks they received. In fact the tracking number was emailed by Claudio Vega. This NPO has been paid off for a few weeks now. This now when Acteva decides to reach out the BBB.

What is extremely scary to think how how this complaint will now be classified. Will it now be closed as Acteva responded with the help of the BBB or as “BBB found business made good faith effort to resolve complaint but customer not satisfied with business response.”  As of June 7th, 2013 there have been 5 closed complaints that have been reopened.  All of the reopened BBB Acteva complaints were from the list of 23 complaints that Acteva failed to reply to.

Here is the complain that originally filed by this NPO.

Acteva BBB Complaint

I will update the record once, I know where this reopened case is closed by the BBB. The expiration date on BBB complaint is the 3 years that is shows up on their site. A closed complaint can be reopened and address. Acteva handles the complaints on their time frame only. This is the harsh reality for the countless NPO’s that have been burned by Acteva.


3 thoughts on “Reopened Acteva BBB Complaint

  1. A standard complaint with Better Business Bureaus is that complaints are sometimes closed even when the consumer is greatly dissatisfied with the company’s response. If the bureau decides that the company has made a reasonable effort to resolve the complaint — something as simple as sending the unhappy customer a gift certificate — then the matter is closed, even if the consumer wants to keep fighting [source: Parmar].

    Source: http://www.smartmoney.com/invest/markets/investigating-the-better-business-bureau-23879/

    How unfair that when consumers are late in paying businesses, they’re hit with late fees, penalties and perhaps referral to a credit collection agency. But when the shoe is on the other foot, the consumer is helpless to demand more than what was originally owed, and it seems like the BBB may take being paid VERY, VERY late as being “OK”. If the business actually wants to make a good faith effort to resolve the issue, they can start by answering the complaints in a timely manner and talking to the customers instead of ignoring them.

  2. My trade association used ACTEVA three years in a row. This past year they have not paid us the $16,000 owed to us after our March conference. We first emailed them through the website, and realized there was no trail of the email. The have acknowledge they owe us money, but no response about when they will pay us. We do not want damaages, only what is owed us based on their website information.

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