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Pankaj Gupta called me and we spoke

I had an interesting phone call with Pankaj Gupta on August 28th, 2013. The call lasted just under an hour. Pankaj spoke for 98% of the time. I was left with more questions then answers. The main point of the phone call was for me to take my site down so Gupta could continue to make collect and or raise money.

The Claims:

Acteva staff has quit and left. A majority of them left after seeing their faces posted on my site. Acteva is still up and running and has a very limited staff. In fact its loyal employees that still believe in the company. Acteva was processing $100k a day. Acteva was making $4 to $5 million dollars in sales. Acteva was helping the nonprofits as they could to not get their own payment processor. Acteva took a major risk to help out.
Taking responsibilty

Pankaj is now starting to admitted and stated they have a faulty business model. He states that things were handled incorrectly. Pankaj admitted to purchasing 4 actevsucks domains as an attempt to make my site go away based on advice from his lawyer.

Where do we go from here:

I had advised Pankaj Gupta to contact each and every single person that is owed money. I advised him to start with an apology and to come up with a payment plan. I told him I need some signs of good faith on his part. Now its time for the rubber to hit the pavement. Its time to walk the walk. Time will tell if Pankaj Gupta is changing his ways.

4 thoughts on “Pankaj Gupta called me and we spoke

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  3. Mr. Gupta called me and we spoke for 30 mins. The ling and skinny is I will not see a dime unless I continue to use Acteva services. I want nothing to do with Acteva other then getting my money for my event. I know its hopeless when I see the complaints with the BBB. When they can not even pay $58.00 to one group. I don’t buy the fact that its this sites fault, not with the pattern and history that is being shown. It is because of this site, that they got caught.

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