Pankaj Gupta blames me for financial woes

Pankaj Gupta has been contacted by several journalists of a late. He has spoken with the reporters regarding the Acteva payment problems.  In his dialogue with the various reporters he has stated the same items repeatedly.

Claim 1. He never set out intentional to not pay people. I am pretty certain that this is a true statement, I don’t believe that Acteva sought out to scam people and keep their money. The statement looks fishy when an event held last month has not been paid back. When you know you can not pay back the money you are collecting, then it appears that your are seeking to rip off people.

Claim 2. The Actevasucks site is prevent Acteva from getting new business. This statement is not entirely true. The years of horribly late payments hurt Acteva’s business. People were complaining for over 6 months before my site came on line. This site went live on April 15th. Countless NPO’s, groups and Universities were not being paid and being ignored. While myself and another former Acteva client have been contacting people having upcoming events with Acteva to switch vendors, not everyone is.

Acteva has been full of excuses. It is so easy to blame the Actevasucks site for not attracting new business. Sure my site is visible, but its just another excuses that does not hold up.

Pankaj Gupta has blamed:

  • the poor economy
  • bad winter weather
  • Hurricane Sandy
  • event cancellations
  • Internal Fraud investigation
  • Executive on medical leave
  • checks being sent out incorrectly, for the wrong amounts or to the wrong people

None of these excuses can explain how one groups has $160,000 go directly to Acteva and not a single check is sent out. This event was held in May 2012. That is a year prior to my site going live.  This event is was not affected by the winter, Sandy or any of the other lame excuses.  I talked to another person a few days ago and was advised that they discovered several checks missing over the years.

At this point in time, Acteva should stop allowing people to use Acteva as a payment vendor. If their clients refuse, they need to tell them they can not take their business. Collecting money when you can not pay it back is fraud Mr. Pankaj Gupta.

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4 thoughts on “Pankaj Gupta blames me for financial woes

  1. I was able to talk to Acteva President Pankaj Gupta on October 7th. For the record, since 2005 I’ve used Acteva processing hundreds of thousands of dollars for three separate businesses – one a not-for-profit. While Acteva still owes me money, I appreciated Pankaj’s emerging from silence and addressing this issue in both the media and with me personally. I encouraged him to be even more transparent and forthcoming on the Acteva Website and to maintain his presence before those of us owed money during this obviously embarrassing time for him and Acteva.

    I trust I will eventually be paid. Pankaj could take the low road and file for bankruptcy, but there is no hint of that talk. I was satisfied with his heartfelt explanation and interest in pursuing the means to settle debts owed. Acteva’s partnership with PayPal to leave payment processing to them and let Acteva manage registrations rather than money will help those of us who are owed money receive our money. Continuing to bash Acteva does the exact opposite.

    As a Board member of a non-profit I know my fiduciary responsibility is to protect the interests of my non-profit. I feel for the many non-profits owed money and elect to refrain from attempts to further damage Acteva and let them work to pay everyone what’s owed.

    I selected Acteva over Cvent and the few other registration portals available in 2005 and found their platform exceptionally powerful and economical. It still is and is now safe with PayPal alongside. I am using Acteva and I confidently encourage others to do the same – even non-profits, as a way to safely handle registrations and payments and allow Acteva to move forward from a bad time so they can repay those of us still due money.

    • Rick,

      Pankaj and I spoke a month ago and he threw around the term bankruptcy several times. He does not want to file for bankruptcy but that may very well becoming. Its not just Non Profits that are owed money. There are major Universities that are owed a lot of money. Mr. Gupta is now offering a promissory note with interest along with a discount on future Acteva services. This is hardly a viable offer. The major problem is Acteva is still electing to accept money via registration and will not send it to the event. If I were to have an event now and Acteva collected $5,000, I would not see a dime of that money. That is what just happened last month with an event. This same person has YET to be contacted back. All I have asked is for Acteva to stop ignoring their clients. I am not asking for that much.

  2. You were one of the lucky ones that actually got to talk to the guy. Most of us left dozens of unreturned voicemails (when the voicemail box was actually not full) and dozens of emails, all ignored.

    Like it or not, Acteva did a lot of damage to non-profits by not being straightforward, not letting them know funds would be delayed, and not responding when they called inquiring when funds would be received. These groups are not flush with money…..they needed information on how much money was coming and when. Acteva could have set up payment plans with them and I’ll bet this site would not even exist.

    This lack of communication issue was pointed out to Gupta by several different people and things have not improved. So I really don’t have much sympathy because it appears he’s only concerned about his own hide and not all the groups that he’s hurt. If you get the opportunity to speak to him again, let him know it is time for him to step up to the plate and start communicating. Until we hear from groups that he’s responding to their calls and emails, we’re going to keep warning others to stay away.

  3. Pankaj contacted me and offered me a discount for future events. He also offered me a promissory note that would accrue 5% interest annual on the principal owed. I do not want any of this, I merely want and need my money. I have staff, bills and vendors to pay. This should have been a simple process, Acteva collected my money, put it into a special account and paid me my money. I kept asking him where my money was and all he kept saying was the Actevasucks site is preventing him from generating business. That is like me asking my kids if they want milk with dinner and them reply, we like puppies. I will be staying away from Acteva and will let everyone I know know.

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