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Pankaj Gupta has been arrested

Pankaj Gupta has been arrested and is currently being charged with embezzlement and Grand Theft. The Acteva site is currently offline too. The San Francisco District Attorney’s office has seized all of the financial records pertaining to Acteva business dealings.

Gupta is currently being sued in court by another party looking to get their event registration fees back. An order was issued in the middle of October for the all financial records to be turned over to the plaintiff. When Marshalls went to Pankaj Gupta’s residence, they were informed that Gupta had been arrested and all of his files were in the procession of the District Attorney’s office.

Both the Mylo Solutions and Social World websites are still online and active. Both sites have had a redesign in the past few months. It does appear that the same coder(s) is working on both sites based on the overall look, feel and coding I sampled. It will be a matter of time until the DA is able to determine if Mylo Soulutions and Social World are separate from Acteva.

I will publish more information when I get more. In the meantime, I suggest contacting the SF DA’s office directly for more information. I do know that Pankaj was been released from custody and is not currently in jail. There is no information listed for his next court date as of yet.


BBB has just posted that they have been made aware that the San Francisco District Attorney’s office of a criminal investigation regarding Pankaj Gupta. A criminal discovery hearing was scheduled for February 19th, 2015.

14 thoughts on “Pankaj Gupta has been arrested

  1. I spoke with the San Francisco District Attorney last week and followed up by emailing evidence of the $500+ still owed me. Even better, I gave them my 2014 letter to the FBI re: why Gupta and Acteva should be charged with the Federal crime of wire fraud. It’s getting deeper and deeper for them…

  2. It’s about time! Thrilled that he’s done ripping people off. And it’ll be great to finally have the Acteva/Mylo connection investigated.

    • We don’t have an update on the criminal complaints against Pankaj Gupta. We will post once we hear something.

      • Web2Web Marketing DBA Acteva filed for Bankruptcy in Northern California Bankruptcy court claiming assets of $50,000 and liabilities of $50-$100,000. I think he left off a few zeros as there are over 3200 companies and organizations he owes money to.

  3. Hi there ~ remember me? I’m Wendee, owed ~$50k from Acteva and actually have a court judgment against him. I successfully served before he was arrested, in fact, it was my P.I. that I hired that found where he lived and it was me who gave that address to the SFDA, then Paul Peterson. The case has been reassigned at the DAs office several times, I believe we’re on the 3rd one. Do you have any other information on the case? How are you tracking it?

  4. SFDA now has a new ADA working through the mountain of paperwork they have collected on him. Received a call from the DA’s office today, checking for the new ADA the information I gave them. Hopes to go to trial sometime later this year.

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