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One year of Actevasucks being Live

It’s been a full year having the Actevasucks site. I actually started looking into them at the end of February 2013, but went live with the site on April 15th. I started promoting the site and Twitter and David Bunnell was the first person to respond to me. David tweeted to me, “do you hated Indians.” David Bunnell was handling the Social Media for Acteva at the time, but decided to use his own personal account to argue. I was going to do a full press campaign but stopped after the Boston Marathon bombing. It was the same day.

When I first looked into Acteva their BBB count was at 54 complaints. Acteva’s BBB rating was and still is an F. They lost their accreditation in October 2013. Sadly this is the same time that my wife’s company started using Acteva. The current BBB complaint count is at 153. We have seen this count go up and down like the stock market. There were times when Acteva would get a previously closed complaint reopened. The closed complaints were the ones they had ignored. It would be reopened with full payment being made or offers for a payment plan.

It did not take a full week until I was contacted by an individual that was owed money by Acteva. The person had been in contact with ours in the same boat. We have been working close together ever since. So when I say we, I do mean we. We have been tag teaming contacting events and groups warning them to steer clear of Acteva. Some have taken the warning and looking closer into their records to discover that they had not received payments in months. Others ignored the warnings, and later ended up contacting us for help.

Things got so bad that finally Pankaj Gupta had to come forward and start contacting people over the phone. He and I had an hour long phone conversation. In short, he wanted the site to be taken down so he could generate revenue to pay back people. That was not about to happen. It turns out that others were owned money for events. Acteva failed to pay back a group of reports in San Diego. They used their contacts to get the press involved. The UT San Diego and ABC News in San Diego both covered the story. They even got the story to go live in San Francisco too.

In July there was a mass exodus at Acteva. Bill Briner and Dave Ghosh left. They are no working at Mylo Solutions. Briner is the cofounder with Michael McNally. Mylo is licensing the Acteva software. They have been joined by Tanya Petrov and David Bunnell. I did have a phone call with both Briner and McNally. That is when I discovered that this deal was in place prior to Ghosh and Briner emailing me and asking that I remove their names from the site as it would hinder their job searches. Briner claimed he was handy enough to work at Ace Hardware.

In February, things started to heat up. I started noticing increase email alerts for failed logins to my server and email accounts. These attacks were not limited to this site by others sites on the server. I since moved the site off to a more secure server. I have put some additional security measures in place as well.

This has been an eye opening experience. I never fully grasped the magnitude of the situation and how much money was owed. I thought that Pankaj Gupta and Acteva would have made good on paying back all the money. That was before I realized how many people were out money. I thought that Acteva would stop collecting money, but they did not. They either need to do a full audit of the funds coming in or they don’t want to stop the money from coming in.

The government has been unable to stop them. The BBB was ineffective, with 153 complaints filed and with 63 complaints that have been ignored. The San Francisco District Attorney and California Attorney General have tons of complaints on file too. I strongly suspect there will be more complaints coming.

I do see more events being run through Acteva. It’s a matter of time before they reach out or visit this site. If Acteva is using newly collecting money to pay back previously owed clients, they cycle will not end. I received a 196 email alerts from failed hack attempts yesterday. If it is Acteva, then they are spending a lot money to buy ips.

No matter what happens with Acteva, there will always be those of us watching them and keeping tabs. Most of my information comes from the visitors to my site. I rarely have to do much research for new information. I usually just have to look up additional information. I am planning a trip to San Francisco in a few months and plan on checking out a few address of interest. I plan on bringing back a few photos for this site too.

It’s been a wild year. I have learned a lot and grown from this experience. I have honed my investigation skills. I just wish that we could have gotten Acteva to wake up and pay everyone the money back. They were unable to do so, and keep collecting money that they could not or would not pay back. They decided to play games and leave anonymous comments on this site. They chose to insult their clients and hide out while ignoring emails. It has not changed any. I look forward to seeing what this new year has in store for Acteva and Mylo Solutions. I am still fighting the good fight. Thank you everyone for your support, assistance and information.

Jason Brown
on behalf of the Actevasucks Community.

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