< Nothing new for Acteva

Nothing new for Acteva

I do not have a lot to report on Acteva. Nothing has changed or gotten any better. I have been contacted by more and more people in the last 2 weeks. Its appears that Acteva is continuing to ignore their clients. They small few that were getting weekly checks have not gotten a check in awhile. Repeated calls to Acteva go unanswered.

When we do see a glimmer of hope and hear that Pankaj Gupta has reached out, the news is bleak. Pankaj is still playing the blame game. Its everyone else’s fault. They can not secure a loan because of this site, people filing charge backs, etc… Then its radio silent and hide underground again.

Acteva’s former client’s are angry. They should be, they trusted Acteva to collect their money and to send out 2 checks a month. Acteva has not held up their end of the bargain. When people try and contact Acteva, their emails go unanswered and are extremely lucky to leave a voicemail message. That voicemail message gets ignored. Schools, NPO’s and groups are left having to pay staff, hotels. and bills without the money that Acteva is holding on to.

Where did the money go?

Acteva can not make good on a $3,000 event. If tehey can not pay out $3,000, where did the money go. This money was not theirs to begin with. Acteva was supposed to hold the money, take out their fees and send over 90% of the money to their clients. Instead Acteva is holding onto that 90% and refusing to return a phone call.

I get about 2 emails a day from people that are out money. I notice that they are from the same IP’s that visit me on a daily basis. I see the same .edu address and come and go. They finally reach out to me and respond with this: “You are doing a very good thing educating people about the character of these people. Thank you.” or “Thank you do much. I will follow up on every single suggestion you have given and keep you posted!”

I am an ally in your fight with Acteva. I keep all names, groups and amount owed private. I will treat you with more class than Acteva ever will. I want to see everyone get paid and for Acteva to be shut down for Pankaj Gupta to be put in jail.

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Ed Lemire is back at Acteva

We just heard that Ed Lemire is back and contacting people and promising money will be paid. The question remains if the payment will arrive. Email or call him today: email is elemire@acteva.com and his direct line is 415 962 9039

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