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Mylo Solutions Partners With Social World

I just saw from a press release that Mylo Solutions, was partnering up with Social World. That is really odd as Social World was originally part of Acteva. It appears that the Socialworld domain is now registered to Global Social Inc. That is so odd as the domain was originally registered by Bill Briner.
Socialworld has a Twitter account and a Facebook page, but no activity. Both social media accounts were set up back in October 2013. There are no employees listed on the site. That is rather odd. I decided to check out their LinkedIn profile and see 3 employees listed. Lauri Kober is listed as a cofounder. The other cofounder is Jay W. I decided to take a closer look at the domain information for Socialworld and found this:

Socialworld Acteva connection

Social World was already listed as partner when Mylo Solutions went live. In fact Mylo still claims to be a partner with Salesforce. There still is not listing on for Mylo on Salesforce at this time. You can claim anything on the internet, that will not make it factual. There are however two new partners for Mylo, Linkpay and Patron Technologies. Patron links directly to Linkpay. That is rather odd too. We do know that Michael McNally and Bill Briner did partner up with Linkpay as it was confirmed by Linkpay via a tweet. The others are highly questionable. Its Mylo’s site, so they can say and do whatever they want.

patron linkpay link

The most interesting part is Naveen Singha is or was an investor in Acteva back in the day and is also mentioned as an investor in, yep you guessed it Social World. The apple does not fall far from the tree. Mr. Singha also claims to be an investor in Elance which Bill Briner worked at from 2003 to 2006. Everyone is interconnected. Naveen is connected to Acteva. Social World and Bill Briner. Bill Briner is connected to Naveen, Acteva and Social World.

New League Social World Partnership

It sure is a mighty tangled web between Mylo Solutions, Global Social Inc. DBA Social World and Naveen Singha and his New League site. I know that Social World upgraded their site in the last few months. This upgrade took place after the launch of the new Briner/ McNally project of Mylo Solutions. It appears the breakup of Acteva has been good for everyone else. It seems new life and money has been added to struggling products. Acteva has been spending money on new domains and marketing too. I will be updating some more information here as it becomes available as this is just the tip of the iceberg and I have more information to sort through.

New League Naveen Singha

3 thoughts on “Mylo Solutions Partners With Social World

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  2. mc nally has worked for Gupta on several “projects”. He is one of the useful idiots Gupta engages to keep control of his company. Ask this question …who is mylo licensing their technology from ? This is why you have an Acteve “investor” involved. Gupta controls everything….

    • I am pretty sure its juts the same soup reheated. I was lied to by both Dave Ghosh and Bill Briner on twp separate occasions. I am pretty certain that Acteva is pretending to be Mylo Solutions or that Mylo Solutions is pretending to be licensing Acteva software. Its all part of an elaborate scam to trick people. Somebody is spend money to try and hack my server on a daily basis. I know that money could be used to pay people back. Pankaj Gupta talked a lot about Karma with on the phone. If he truly believed in Karma, he is in for a rough next life.

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