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Bill Briner used to work from Pankaj Gupta at Acteva. Bill has recently become the cofounder of Mylo Solutions. I had an interesting talked with Michael McNally and Mr. Briner about Acteva and Mylo Solutions. I was already alerted that Dave Ghosh was trying to bring clients over to Mylo. I previously had a page on Bill and had taken it down after receiving this email on August 31st, 2013:

I’m intending this to be a personal and confidential note to you.  Please don’t re-post any of this.  It’s just me to you. I hope we can keep it that way.
I’m writing to you in regards to the “Meet Bill Briner” page ( on your website.
I  noticed that you’ve visited my LinkedIn page fairly recently and so you must have noticed that I am no longer with Acteva, having resigned in early July.  I realize of course that you, and others, may have already found me ‘guilty by association’ but, unfortunately, I can’t defend myself against these ‘judgments’. The problem is that doing so would require me to comment on Acteva’s issues directly, which I can’t do. All I can really say at this point is that I finally realized that I was powerless to affect Acteva’s plight and had to leave.
The purpose of this email is to ask you to remove the “Meet Bill Briner” page from the site.  Your site presents me as guilty to the court of public opinion and as I mentioned I can’t even defend myself – my hands are tied. If I *could* present you with my defense you would probably even choose to remove it on your own. Until then it’s unjustly (imo) harming me, my family, and my livelihood. As I told my wife, I’m not handy enough to work at Ace Hardware.
I sincerely wish I could explain more, and maybe some day I’ll be able to, but in the meantime I have to simply ask for your indulgence.  You’ve already identified the key people responsible, of which I’m not one.
Bill Briner

I felt bad for him and deleted the page.  As it turns out, Mr. Briner confirmed to me that he registered the domain name mysolutions. The domain was registered on August 26th. That is 5 days before the oh woe is me email.

mylo solutions whois

Michael stated they wanted to open an honest. I asked why the domain was registered as private. I was advised that  its the default setting for Godaddy. I jumped all over that as its not true. Its an addon and costs more to do. Bill came clean and advised that it was due to be registered with his home address.

I am not sure if Mylo Solutions and Acteva are one in the same or if they are two separate companies. Having a few staff members from Acteva now working at Mylo looks a little fishy. Asking me to take down a page claiming you can not find a job while a deal is being worked out or is worked out is shameful. I told Mylo I hope they do well and I meant it, until I saw the dates of the email and domain registry. I hate being lied to. Its worse when you attempt to manipulate me too.  Dave Ghosh sent me an identical email too and I refused to take his name off the site and now I am re-adding Bill Briner too.

7 thoughts on “Meet Bill Briner

  1. I agree that what Acteva has done is wrong and support you in trying to get all companies paid back and holding people accountable. What I don’t agree with is posting personal emails when a contact (Bill) specifically asked you to keep it between you and him. I think you are taking it too far by trying to ruin peoples personal reputation when they were not directly involved with the Acteva issues. By sinking to this level you are putting yourself in the same category as the people at Acteva who are responsible for this.

    • I understand that everyone is entitled to their own opinion. I wish you would have used your real name and email.Its ok, I know you are. Everybody has a tell and you showed yours. Let us address the comment in question. Bill Briner contact me asking that I remove his name from my site as it would impact his ability to get another job. The Mylo Solutions deal was started in July. Its unknown and it does not matter if Bill was still working at Acteva or not when this deal was being worked out. What matters is Bill had a new job, er company lined up when he decided to lie to me. Not only that, we spoke on the phone 2 days ago. This was after I played a hunch and email Bill at Mylo Solutions. I hate being lied to. Mylo talked about be open and honest, yet wants to lie, hide and play games. I asked Michael and Bill a question and was lied to. It was after I confronted them, that they came clean. Bill contacted me first. Then Dave Ghosh sent the same oh woe is me email. Then Michael McNally decided to reach out to me and why? There is nothing for me to concern myself with regarding Mylo. They have the hard sell to convince Acteva clients to join them. I do have to say that seems like a sleazy thing to do. Not sure how the contract is set up. It does raise some interesting morale and ethical questions. If you were aware of the information that has been present about who knew what you would rethink your stance on Acteva. Mylo has to former Acteva Execs now on board. This deal was set up with an Acteva investor. Acteva employees have been caught in lies, I have caught Bill, Michael and Dave in lies. The worse part is everyone is blaming each other and pointing fingers, mean while people, groups, NPO’s and Universities are out money. Its not a game to them and its not a game to me.

    • On the bright side, Mylo is not collecting money the way Acteva did. However, I have had some many people tell me they wish they saw my site prior to signing up with Acteva.

  2. Dave Ghosh contacted me and wanted me to take my event registration with him to Mylo Solutions. Thanks, but no thanks. I won’t trust anybody affiliated with Acteva past or present. That fact that there are 2 former VP’s, makes me want to run in the opposite direction. I like this site gets blasted for publishing a private correspondence, yet not mention to Mr. Briner leading the recipient to believe that he would not be able to find work, when it appears he already had a venture lined up. Shame on Bill for his email. From what I am to surmise, Acteva’s MO is to point fingers and blame others for their misdeeds.

    • Crystal,
      I received a similar email from Dave Ghosh too. The fact of the matter remains, Acteva owes countless people money. The money is gone and Pankaj has no plan to pay any of it back. I hate being lied to. The lies and deceit is what made this situation worse. The blame game does not help nor work.

  3. I just discovered that Mylo Solutions have twitter and Facebook accounts now. I see that David Bunnell and Tanya Petrov are involved with both accounts.

  4. This all starts from the top….Pankaj Gupta is a party to numerous law suits. He runs a shame business. The people working for him are simply useful idiots. I’m not sure how we he does – but these guys follow blindly in the mess he creates.

    You can bet that Gupta is at the controls of this….just his style.

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