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March Acteva Update

It has been pretty quiet this month. There hasn’t been much to report until the last week. I have been alerted to some new bad press aimed at Acteva. The NonProfit Times has posted an article highlighting the financial problems facing Acteva. The story also touches on why Idealware removed the Acteva listing from their site. That was the first piece I found. The other showed up last Friday March 21st, 2014. There is somebody else out there that is making noise. I was not contacted on either piece.

I was contacted by a new person recently. I was advised that Acteva is still collecting payments for events and not sending the money out. This groups has been using Acteva for over a decade now. After have a phone call with them, they will no longer being using Acteva. It does not take my site to turn people away from Acteva. Its the fact that they neglect to send payments out that is their downfall.

It does seem that either Acteva is blind to the fact that payments or coming in or whom they belong too or they are just robbing Peter to pay Paul. They people that call me all claim its either “fraud” or a “Ponzi Scheme.” I am certain Pankaj Gupta will contact this this group and state how he did not plan to get into this mess, how its my fault, how they are out of money and offer a payment plan. This group can not wait for a payment plan. They have vendors to pay now. The “I will gladly pay you Tuesday for a Hamburger today,” bit will not work as we all know Tuesday will never come.

I do know that only a small amount of money is flowing in. There surely can not be enough to employee a staff here in the States or in India. Somebody has to be bankrolling the operation or there has to be money being made somehow. I have noticed a major uptick in the amount of hack attempts to my server and sites hosted on it. I have had 35 email alerts of failed login attempts between 1 am and 4:12 am today. Yesterday, I saw 100 email alerts with 91 coming in between 7:42 am and 12:55 pm. Even as I am working this update the hack attempts keep coming. There have been 49 alerts since 7:12 am. I know there will be more. Somebody is spending a lot of time, money and resources to knock out or gain access to my server. If its out of spite or vengeance, its a moot point. I am being out rank by ABC News and UT San Diego. I know I will keep seeing an increase in failed login attempts, there will be no changing or stopping it.

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