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Jason Brown performs SEO for Over The Top Marketing

I am still waiting to hear any updates on the ongoing case. I have been super busy working over at Over The Top Marketing and my hobby fighting fake online business reviews. Acteva provided me with a master class in how Online Reputation Management works on both sides. I easily learned how easy it is to destroy unscrupulous businesses by ranking for their brand and employees. This community taught me that if a business upsets a person or business, that frustration or anger will not go away. I had people contact me that hadn’t used Acteva for several years, reach out and encourage me. Yes, people that had stopped using Acteva wanted to check back up on them.

I also learned that businesses don’t usually upset one person and that they can’t stop the pattern of behavior from stopping. I see it time and time again. A consumer will post a complaint that will be echoed by countless others. Those are exactly the companies I will continue to cover and investigate. I also learned that when somebody shows you who they are, believe them. While this website started out to get my wife’s companies money back, I didn’t receive the results I wanted. I was trolled by countless Acteva employees in the States and in India. I also had my friends berated by Dave Burnell on Twitter.

This website quickly morphed into a community that stood by each other and attempted to help each other. No matter how awful Acteva was, we never lost the one quality that makes America Great, our humanity. This community was started because Acteva not only owed groups money but because you felt unheard. This website gave you a voice but sadly not the outcome any of wanted. Everybody still wants their money back, which we all know that that ship has sailed. We can take comfort in the fact that Acteva will never be able to take advantage of people ever again. I caution the next Acteva, don’t do it. You never know who you will end up upsetting and what the major ramifications of what will transpire. You may be able to get away with it for a long time, but one day you will have your day of reckoning. It may not even be me, it may be a new group of people banding together or a news reporter. If you keep doing bad things, it will eventually catch up with you. I know I have made some enemies and that I am being torched online, but I know the truth and I have my integrity and the respect of my peers. I understand that people don’t like being exposed. They want their dirty, illegal and criminal acts to go unnoticed. It will all come to light someday.

I thank this community and all of the wonderful people I have met. You have taught me a lot and made me a better SEO Manager. I sadly went and worked for my own Acteva. I tried so hard to fight and change the system. I left and shortly afterward, the company imploded. A slew of angry and upset customers were left in their wake. I vowed never again to work for a company that took advantage of people. I ended up exposing that company and they were featured on a news segment. They got their day of reckoning. I have my eye on a few businesses that are about to have their own day reckoning. Check out new passion and side project Review Fraud. I may be working at Over The Top Marketing full time, by night I put on superhero cape and help consumers to steer clear of the wolves in sheep’s clothing.

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