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January Pankaj Gupta updates

Pankaj Gupta has started to reopen several BBB complaints with promises to send $100, $150, $200 or $250 as a token a good faith. He has acknolwodged that he owes fill in the blank x amount of dollars. He also thanks the complaintant for speaking with him on x date and advises how they were unable to contact them as they moved their phone and email system.

The BBB is taking this communication as a sign that the BBB complaint is closed and either you accept it, or it gets closed as “business made good faith effort to resolve complaint but customer not satisfied with business response” That is just wrong on so many levels. I have a feeling that will change when no payment is recieved and you recontact the BBB.

Here is what I have heard from different people. The intial good faith payment not only never arrived, but repeated tries to contact Acteva to inquiry about the payment have been unsuccessful. So again, Pankaj is not returning emails and phone calls.

Well its now the middle of January and we all want to see this new business venture or new cash stream so everyone can be paid back the money they are owed. Its been promised in countless letters to his clients. “Hopefully we can revisit the plan in January and there is a good possibility that we will be able to accelerate the schedule. –

I have heard that all Acteva employees are working remotely. Gupta was tracked down by 2 of his former clients. He had a meeting at a coffee shop to discuss a new business venture with one, but it was an ambush to serve him personally. I don’t see that one happening again, but if you are interesting in having Pankaj Gupta personally sued, let me know.

I have heard from another former client, that she won her arbitration. In fact a defualt judgement was awarded to her as Pankaj was a no show for the hearing. She still has a few more legal hoops to jump through in order to get her money, but the ball is rolling.

I saw the San Francisco Public Press article  in December. In it, Gupta stated, this site and bad press were killing his brand, sorry this was all his own doing. It still is. Its been 7 months and Pankaj Gupta has yet to make ammends and has not issued payments to countless people. People are still waiting from Mid 2012 to be paid back.

We Mr. Pankaj Gupta, we are waiting to see you make good on your promises and claims. Its now the middle of January and we want to see proof of this new payment schedule and want to see payments being made. The BBB is publishing the correspondence between your and your former clients. I strongly suggest your next batch of letters you truly aplogize and mean it and not blame some outside factor. Telling somebody you have been ignoring for 15 months, that you were unable to contact them due to you moving your phone and email system is laughable. My last piece of advice to you, stop playing games and ignoring those you owe and pay them the money. Its that simple.

New Update

A new BBB complaint was closed this week. The complaint was ignored. I have heard from several folks that are still waiting for their good faith payment too. Its seems that Pankaj is not responding to inquiries for payments still. I will keep my eye open for more developments.

5 thoughts on “January Pankaj Gupta updates

  1. I have been following this site and its progress for months. I am shocked at how Acteva has replied to this matter. I would have thought they would have wised up and gotten with the program. The is no PR person that will be able to undo the negative press. Pankaj does himself no favors but continuing to ignore and not make payments. It does not take a rocket scientist to figure out they are only continuing to hurt their brand and image. They keep bringing it on themselves and fail to take the easy steps to rectify the situation. The sad part is all the groups that are left holding the bag and waiting to be paid back.

  2. My group is one of the people Pankaj apologized to and failed to send us the payment he promised. Its just another one of his countless lies. I wish he would stop making promises and actually follow through. I will be following up with legal counsel to opening sue Acteva in court.

  3. I can not believe that I am still dealing with this nightmare. I just want my money paid back and to move on. I have been dealing with this B.S. for over a year now. Every time, I think I have heard every excuse or lie in the book, they manage to come up with a new one. The new one is the check is in the mail. Its has not arrived in over 2 months. When I call Acteva, I am meet with, “we will look into it and get back to you.” It appears that we are going to repeat the same pattern from when this first started. Needless to say, Pankaj has not gotten back to me and I doubt he ever will. This is no way to treat anybody, let alone a client. I have to accept the fact our money is long gone and have no hope in getting it back.

    • I am seeing the same patterns too from several people. I also see they are still picking and choosing which complaints to answer and which ones to ignore. I also no that they have yet to reply to new rebuttals on this initial good faith payment. A customer notified the BBB that they have yet to receive the payment, two weeks later and the BBB has not heard anything back. The BBB will wait another 2 weeks and will update the file again, if they don’t hear back. I highly doubt Pankaj will reply as he is still ignoring phone calls now.

  4. Acteva owes us almost $3000 from 2013. I have been told by Pankaj there is no money to pay me what is owed, but that I should continue to use Acteva, for my event in 2014, because I will be paid in full, eventually. I have been offered a deal or two by Pankaj: “invest” the money Acteva owes me in Acteva’s new endeavors! I have received several phone calls, sometimes more than an hour long, with proposals and reasons why I am never going to be the money Acteva collected unless I invest in the latest deal. I have refused these offers, and insisted Acteva pay me what they owe me. So Acteva is apparently still collecting money for events?

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