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Is Acteva out of money

On May 5th a person claiming to be a former employee posted a negative review on Glassdoor. Glassdoor is a site for both current and former employees to rate and review their company. If this review is accurate is shows some deeper issues:

Acteva Reviews Glassdoor


1. Terrible customer service after sale: The are countless complaints from non-profits claiming that numerous emails and phone calls are never returned. When the calls are finally returned they are told several excuses.

  • Hurrican Sandy caused cancellations of several East Coast Conferences
  • Manager in the hospital – the month of April 2013 only
  • Internal fraud investigation – Over $500,000 missing is a lot of fraud
  • Accounting told me the checks were issued

2. Bad reputation in the marketplace: Acteva’s negative reputation is posted and documented online on several sites. We have documented several of those complaints on this site and on our Twitter, FB and Flickr accounts.

3. operations/finance totally mismanaged:  Seems very plausible  There are several non-profits claiming to be owed money after using Acteva’s event management system. If Acteva has taken in as much money as is being claimed, it was grossly mismanaged.

4. Employees are not getting their salaries. They are working here with out salary. If this is true, this is just sad. This gives a huge insight of things to come.

5. Company having fund problem: This is apparent from all of the stories of non-profits claiming to be owed money.

We have heard from several non-profits that they have begun receiving weekly checks. The checks have been around 10% of the original balance owed. Its sounds like they are extremely fortunate to be getting some money at all.

If you are a non-profit and are owed money from Acteva, contact us ASAP so we can assist you and provide you the necessary steps to take so you can attempt to collect your money.

3 thoughts on “Is Acteva out of money

  1. Please Help!
    Our small Non-for profit; Colorado Association for bilingual educators utilized Acteva for our October 2012 yearly conference, to help process on-line registrations. Despite numerous maddening attempts to reach out to merchant services regarding a large outstanding balanced owed ($13,874.93) we have not had returned email or voice mail. After discovering your site, it looks like our situation has been replicated time and time again. Our small non-profit helps to provide a yearly conference for educators throughout Colorado that work with culturally and linguistically diverse student populations. This outstanding balance impedes the work we are doing on behalf of students in the state.
    Please help!!!
    MiaAriela Allen

    • Mia,

      We are so sorry to hear that you too are not getting paid back by Acteva. Thank you for calling us back so we could discuss your account in detail. We will keep fighting on your behalf and the behalf of others.

    • Mia – if you have not already filed a complaint with the BBB, please do so now (it is an online form and it will take you all of 10 minutes). The woman at the BBB told our organization that they are working with the San Francisco DA to get Acteva to respond to some of these complaints.

      You also might consider filing a similar complaint with the CA Attorney General. While they don’t respond to individual complaints, if they see a pattern, they may choose to take legal action (we need to reach a critical mass of complaints to get them to act, so every one counts).

      If you want a legal option, please reach out to this site’s admin and he can put you in touch with me. I am not an attorney but can guide you through a “do it yourself” process that may bring some relief.

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