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Is Acteva Blowing Smoke again

I heard that two of my friends had been contacted by Acteva in the last few days. I was really excited and hopeful that Acteva was planning on taking care of all of the outstanding balances owed. I contacted a few more of new friends, to see if they too have in fact been contacted by Acteva. The answer is a resounding NO.

I highly encourage everyone to contact Acteva ASAP and tell you have seen this site. If you are unable to get a reply from Acteva, then let me know and I will contact Dave Ghosh personally to find out why you are not being contacted and why you are not being paid. Don’t worry he ignores my messages too, but I know he sees them.

We will all work together to fix and resolve this! I am independent of any Non-profit and group. I am working solely of my own volition. I have nothing to gain from this site, except to see that all of Acteva’s victims are paid back. I will not stop until everyone is paid back.

Please feel free to email me: info@actevasucks.info so I can verify with you that all money owed is paid back.


Thank you,

Acteva Sucks


3 thoughts on “Is Acteva Blowing Smoke again

  1. Just so everyone is aware this is a comment from an Acteva employee. I am not editing any aspect of the comment other than the name, email address and adding a website address. The original email came from Brenda:

    First off, I would like to acknowledge what you are trying to do with this website. However, I would also like to bring to your attention that you are damaging relationships for other non profits who do not have these issues with Acteva. My organization has been using Acteva for years and never had a problem. We moved to their new application and have an account that puts the money right into our own bank account. The reason we chose to do this was because a lot of our customers were not aware of the Acteva name and were charging back the credit cards and we didn’t want to pay those additional fees. We have not had any issues with Acteva, but what you are doing is putting us in a bad position. Since I pretty much live in the non profit community, I am hearing a lot about this site. I have asked several people in the community if they have any issues and not one of them have had any issues. We even received a phone call from one of ‘your’ posters telling us about how Acteva is doing them wrong. I don’t appreciate it. Trying to solve the problem is commendable. Trying to put a business out of business which has a much bigger effect on other non profits is just mean. Please think about your actions and how others might be affected. There are steps for people to take as others have pointed out. A witch hunt is not the answer. Anyways, that is my experience.

    aka Acteva employee

    • Really, Acteva? You think after all this, people want to be insulted and played with. Address the people complaints that caused this site to go live. I love the fact that no company name was used in bogus comment along with real contact information. Using a fake email address too? People want their money.

    • You want to come out and claim that I am “damaging relationships for other non profits” when your actions caused this. I had nothing to do with the BBB complaints. I had nothing to do with all of the other complaints on any of the other boards. I am damaging? Now I am exposing you, Acteva for the mess you have created and seem unwilling to rectify. Have you tried to personally contact me? Nope. Have I gotten an email from you? Nope. Instead you come here and post 2 ridiculous comments and the please contact us if we owe you money comment. I have not approved that comment as I am awaiting the apology to WD for the “dumbshit” comment along with the name of the Acteva employee that left it. I have contacted Acteva on 3 different occasions and just like everybody else, you are ignoring me. This site when live April 15th and you BBB rating was revoked on 10/16/2012. So how am I damaging? You had 18 failed to respond to complaints with the BBB from 2013! is that on me? Nope. I am not in charge of working with the BBB.

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