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Hurry up and Sue Acteva

More and more Acteva victims keep emailing me on a daily basis. I averaging 1 email a day. Each story and email is the same as the one prior. The only difference is the amount of money that Acteva owes.  Everyone thanks me for my advice. They all jump on it right away. I have gotten a few emails fr0m folks that had been monitoring my site for a while before contacting me.

It’s so hard to hear people say they waited to take my advice. They have tried so hard to to get into contact with Acteva. They have tried sending countless emails and left countless phone calls, just to be ignored. It’s a wasted effort and huge waste of time. The pattern of history is Acteva refuses to learn from Acteva Sucks and do the right thing.

Acteva ignores the BBB, due largely inpart to not paying back the money that is in question. They only thing the BBB is doing is to make Acteva look scuzzy. Acteva ignoring the BBB is a major bruise on their reputation. They can respond back if and when they pay up. I will tell everyone to reply back to the BBB and tell them they are not satisfied with the resolution.

What to do

Send Acteva a demand for payment email/ letter. Tell Acteva if they do not pay by X date that you will sue them and contact the press and media. We, myself and other victims, have been in contact with some folks in the media. Also tell Pankaj Gupta that you will contact Jason Brown over at Acteva Sucks.

Next you need to file a demand for arbitration. You can get some of the fees that Acteva has collected aling with your lawyer fees. Acteva will conitune to ignore your requests for payment so its time to fight smarter.

I can tell you that the list of groups out money keeps growing on a daily basis. I have been advised of funds owed as little as $2500 upto $50k. The total amount owed for just the last 2 weeks is over $80.000. This amount does not even include all of the others that Acteva owes.

The BBB complaints dates were opened 1 month prior. A complaint that was closed as unansered on 7/26 was opened on 6/26 or 6/25. The folks that have contacted me the last 2 weeks will not have their complaint closed until the end of August.

This site was not started due to BBB complaints. This site was started after witnessing how Acteva dealt with my wife’s company. They went through the same situation that has befallen countless others. Acteva knows who I am and who my wife’s company is. They were paying them on a weekly basis and stopped sending checks in the beginning of July.

I strongly suspect that Acteva is out of money now. They have stopped blogging in May. There haven’t been any FB or Linkedin posts the month. The twitter account has stopped repeating the same tweet garbage. I tried to contact the live chat, and nobody responded.

I have tried to call the office but nobody picks up. I just get dumped into a voicemail box. All signs point to Acteva being severly hemmoraging for money. Do not delay and file a demand for arbitration against Acteva to get you money today.

5 thoughts on “Hurry up and Sue Acteva

  1. Jason,

    I’m owed a big amount of money by Acteva and I’m very concerned about your approach. Are you aware of the CountMeIn bankruptcy from a few years ago (2009). They were a Seattle based registration company that had the same problems as Acteva and ran out of money owing $5million to non profits. The same talk surrounded their case — theft, criminal acts, we should shut them down. In the end, that misguided view led to a forced bankruptcy. The creditors (non profits) got nothing and the CEO bought the company back for a few hundred thousand dollars. The judge decided that the CEO wasn’t a fraudster but a guy who messed up with running the business. There was never any criminal charges and the only one who ended up with anything was the CEO.

    Keeping going the way you’re going if you want but your approach doesn’t seem to have any lawyers advice behind it. Talking big about lawsuits and DA’s doesn’t get money back to organizers — business and legal realities do. Have you even had a lawyer look at the Acteva contract? Mine have and they say that it explicitly says they aren’t a bank or trustee (exact words). They’re suggesting that I work with Acteva to find a way to get paid back.

    So please stop leading people down a wrong path with false bravado and instead back your statements with sound legal and business advice. Based on what I’ve seen, we all have a lot to be angry about but using that anger to destroy Acteva isn’t going to save the money. We’ll probably lose everything if you succeed in forcing them into bankruptcy.

    Google CountMeIn and take look at the storyline — it’s a replica of the Acteva situation. The end result wasn’t non profits being paid off and the CEO going to jail (there needs to be criminal activity for that) — in the end the judge sided with him and gave him the company back and nothing to the creditors.

    I hope you have the integrity to share a opinion different from yours on your site. I’m very worried about the course and advice you’re giving to people.


    • Billy,

      Thank you for providing your comment. You are right, I do not have an legal expertise. I work for a company that builds websites and does search engine optimization. The problem that I see is that people keep waiting for Acteva to make good on the money. Acteva is not willing to do that. Its a lot easier for me rally the troops to take action as I have nothing at stake here. Acteva does not owe me money. I can not sit back and let them get away with it either. The problem is me doing nothing is, Acteva continues to take money from more people in a possible attempt to pay some people back. The buck has to stop somewhere. I have given Pankaj Gupta and Acteva countless chances to do the right thing and just pick up the phone and call the victims. Instead, I hear that they are still taking money as recent as a few days ago and pocketing the money. Nobody is getting paid a dime right now. I beg to differ on criminal charges too, how is sending out statements of checks being issued and never received not a crime? It does seem that Acteva has following the same playbook as CountMeIn.

      • Billy,

        The only comments I have not approved were from Acteva. I have edited out names from the folks that wished to be left anonymous. I welcome any and all feedback. I draw the line at Acteva trying to slip in fake comments. I understand that my methods will not be accepted by some. I had another comment posted that did not like the fact I targeted lower level employees in my posts. I published that comment and replied back to it.

      • It seems to me (also not an attorney) that if you enter into a contract with someone knowing that you can’t honor the terms of that contract, there’s a law being broken. The contract clearly states a payment schedule and the folks at Acteva clearly know by now that they can’t pay organizations as promised.

        Putting that aside, they could have minimized the damage caused to all of these non-profits if they had just picked up the phone and called, explained the situation, developed a new payment schedule and followed through. I’ll bet this website would not even exist if they had only not ignored their clients.

    • I am in complete agreement with Billy. Again, while I appreciate the assistance/help from so many on this site, the goal of putting Acteva out of business just doesn’t help any of us. It simply protects the unknown future, but not the rest of us that are out what appears as hundreds of thousands of dollars. Putting Acteva out of business is likely the tipping point for many other businesses closing their doors, mine included as I’m owed a very large sum of money.

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