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February Pankaj Gupta Acteva Update

I have been sitting back closely monitoring the BBB complaints against Acteva. Pankaj Gupta promised countless people that he would send an initial payment for $250 to $500. I am hearing reports that that payment was never recieved. I also heard that a payment plan would be finalized in January. Pankaj advised he would have his new money making venture up and running. Either it has not happened or the money is being used else where. I know that Gupta was serverd personally by two different groups back in December. Acteva has had default judgements issued against them from other clients. This could be the major reason that others are not being paid back.

I have been extremely busy with a new job and have not updated here often. I was also waiting to see if things were going to improve or continue at the same pace. I have taken a few minutes each day to check the status with the BBB. I am closely monitoring a few open complaints to see how they get updated. They are being disputed after the initial payment was not made. It was sent back to Acteva to respond to and they have not answered it yet. I did see some complaints were closed this month and they were ignored too. That is not a smart move, as the BBB documents the files now.

I hear congrilations is in order for Mylo Solutions. They now have an office, wait for it, India. Acteva had an office there too. Bill Briner whom help to cofound Mylo Solutions was the VP of Product at Acteva. I was told that Mylo Solutions is licensing the Acteva product and will be sending money to Acteva. I do not honestly believe that Acteva and Mylo Solutions are seperate companies at all. Mylo is following the same pattern as Acteva. David Ghosh, Tanya Petrov and Dave Bunnell all work at Mylo. Tanya is publish the press releases and until the end of December Bunnell was still tweeting for them. There has been no tweets or Facebook posts since then.
There is money being spent.

The Press Release cost money to publish. Prices range from $99 to $499 depending on the level you want to buy at prweb. Its very pricing to use. While I have been sitting back monitoring everything, yes everything i have noticed some strange patterns. Not only has there been repeated attempts to hack my site, but now my server and my clients sites are being attacked. I can not say its either Acteva or Mylo Solutions, but there are signs that strongly suggest it could be them. Let me say that whom ever is attemping the hack the actevasucks site, my server or the hosted domains on my server are using proxies to do it. Proxies are the ip address that each website and computer get. If you use a proxy, you can hide your activity. You could be hacking from Las Vegas, Nevada and use an IP from Sochi. Its too hard to trace and pin point were the attack is coming from. I can tell you its atleast $1.00 per ip that is used. So when my site dealt wiyh 2500 hack attempts from 2500 different ips, it was $2500.

The server hack attempts started around 2am, Tuesday Febuary 11th. I monitored the level of activity and noticed that the logins use were all domains hosted on the server. I see hack attempts all the time, I have a few popular sites that hackers love to target. However sites that never get hacked or used are being hacked out of the blue. Of course Actevasucks is one of the sites under attack. I do have several security measures in place to prevent sites from being hacked along with server. I will not go into detail, but it is covered. I will say one of the security measures alerts me to hack attempts. I have survived hacks attempts and ddos (denial of service) attacks. The DDOS means somebody is trying to overload a site with traffic to knock it off line.

Yesterday I emailed Pankaj Gupta, Bill Briner and Michael Mcnally and advised that: A. I was aware of the hack attempts, B. Its a crime, C. If the attacks did not stop, I was going to view it as acts of aggression and buy some new sucks domains for all listed employees. The hack attempts have not stopped, so I am going to go shopping and buy some new domains. I never heard a reply from my email. They didn’t even deny my allegations. I have waited 24 hours and will go shopping for new domains later today.

Hacking my site and my server serves no purpose. I am being out ranked by news sites. That press will never go away. Google rewards news sites and whitelists them. They are athority sites, you can’t battle them or knock them out. The damage has been done, all that can be done is repair the damage and pay people back. It was Acteva’s actions that got them into this mess and only they can fix it. I do hope that people start getting paid back. Sadly I was contacted by a few groups that have not been paid back and were unaware of what was happening with Acteva. They are still waiting to be contacted back by Acteva. I noticed that one of the complaints closed in Acteva’s favor was just reopened now. I bet it was one of the ones that was promised a payment and did not get it.

acteva hack attempts Feb 12 2014


My server is under attacked again. The two domains be targeted are Actevasucks and The Content Writers. I guess, there will be no end to this nonsense. I am going to buy some creative domain names too.

actevasucks hacks again

The attacks stopped for a short while, but then they started back up again. At least the attacks are focued solely on this site. I am sure there will be several more attacks to come. Again these resources could be better spent on more important things.

3 thoughts on “February Pankaj Gupta Acteva Update

  1. Its a shame you can not prove it is them. This is absolutely sad. They should give up. I wonder how much money was wasted trying to take down your site. I know the money could easily be used in better ways.

    • Pankaj K Gupta definitely still lives in Walnut Creek because he had to produce info for a legal action within the past three weeks. One address that he’s used recently is 712 Bancroft Rd, Apt #744. I have no information if he’s still in that apt or whether he’s moved to dodge the multitude of people trying to serve him papers……but it is a good start.

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