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Dave Ghosh contacts Actevasucks

Here is the email I just received from Dave Ghosh asking for his name to be taken off the site.

I see that you are visiting my LinkedIn Profile frequently, the latest being yesterday.  I am sure that you have noticed that I am no longer employed by Acteva. I am requesting that you take my name off your website, since I am not employed by them anymore. Let me explain why.
You have profiled me as somehow being complicit in the Acteva’s schemes, but that is far from the truth.  I was hired 3 years ago to help Acteva expand into the Enterprise Market – which is my specialty.  At Acteva, I was just an employee, like many others, with the only difference that I was in an Executive position.  That did not mean that I was aware of the company financials or the payment situation as that was handled in the ‘walled off’ area handled by Ed Lemire and Louise Gafner.
Because of my position I was very visible and in the direct line of fire as the situation deteriorated.  I realize I was an easy target, but the fact is that I was never directly involved in these financial affairs; I was not a shareholder; I was not a board member, and, in fact, I was not even allowed to sign contracts.  My only responsibility was to gain new accounts. Of all the people there, I tried the hardest to solve my client’s issues (which – again – were not my doing). Once I learned about what was really going on I stopped selling Acteva Payment Management Service.  My goal was then to try to bring in enough NET revenue (by this I mean only software fees) to try to save the company, but the negative PR basically assured doom for all our sales team.  At this point, for my personal livelihood, and my family, and my future, I decided I had to leave Acteva.  I had lost too much. If you think I delayed my departure for too long it was only to try every route I could to turn around the company (at this point we were only selling Acteva’s Merchant Account Connector where the clients directly collect the monies).  Your website literally shut that door on our face.
As a Professional Sales Executive, my personal integrity is everything.  Your website portrays me as someone who was knowingly involved in Acteva’s duplicitous schemes and perhaps even as someone who has financially gained from that venture.  That is not true either.  I have lost a great deal financially (with monies lost for my time at Acteva) and my mental peace, which has even taken my marriage and my ability to provide for my wife and daughter to the brink of disaster.  Acteva has already jeopardized my career and I am concerned that your website might impact my ability to continue my career in my line.  I am too old to change careers and I have to find a living to support my family and secure my retirement.
I can point out a large number of clients that I have tried to help and succeeded in helping but that will not change the perception of the mass out there regarding my association with Acteva as implied by you.  While I truly commend you in your quest to help the affected clients, I sincerely feel that a lot of innocent employees at Acteva were purely ruled guilty for no fault of theirs.  You have now become a very influential voice with Acteva’s customers.  They all know of your site – I can attest to that.  So if your intent is to really help the clients, destroying Acteva is the wrong course to take. You can best help their clients by recognizing that Acteva really is trying to solve the issue. You can help by engaging in a dialog to truly help – especially since you have their attention.  The arrows from the highland are just not going to help.  Acteva does not have a magic wand and the years of accumulated issues will take time to solve.
I hope you will understand my situation and take the right action.
It turns that both Dave Ghosh and Tanya Petrov both worked together prior to joining Acteva. They both worked for Xinify Technologies, Inc. A business man is claiming to be out $3,000 from supplies ordered by Tanya in 2009. Dave was the CEO of Xinify. Its bizarre how the same financial issues keep following these people. I wonder if Dave will have a change of luck at Mylo Solutions. He does want all of the former Acteva clients to follow him over there.

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3 thoughts on “Dave Ghosh contacts Actevasucks

  1. Did anyone reach out to Dave Ghosh for help? Did he respond, or were you ignored or lied to in the same manner that Claudio, Louise and Pankaj treated customers? My answer on whether his name should be removed will be based on customer experiences when his assistance was requested to get funds back.

  2. I have contacted the FBI and they have started look at this website and other details to begin their initial investigations.

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