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16 thoughts on “Contact Us

  1. I am the director of the Alabama Craft Council which holds an annual event called the Alabama Clay Conference (http://www.alclayconference.org/). We have been using Acteva for four years now, and up until recently they have paid up for what they’ve owed us. According to our records they owe us around $10,500, and I have been calling and emailing for months now but no one will reply. The head of the financial department is apparently never in her office, and there is no one above support to discuss this with. We are very disappointed to say the least. Any suggestions?

  2. As a small non-profit education organization we have held a spring conference for over 25 years. Our banking was done at a small education credit union who did not process credit cards. In 2006 we contracted with acteva.com to process credit cards due to increased demand. Through the years we sometimes had to follow-up on “lost” or delayed payments, but always received all monies collected less their fees. Beginning in March 2013 payments stopped despite repeated emails and calls. This was our total profit used for student scholarships and to support the cost of the conference. They owe us $15,708.04. I have filed with the SF BBB today, but need to follow up with the SF City Attorney and the State AG.

  3. Please beware of this site, this is made to blackmail acteva and earn money, acteva is good company always paid its bills on time, but due to some slowdown and sandy it is them bad period, please have Patations, all of you will paid,

    And Jason if your are real genuine then do not delete this comment.


    • First off, this comment came from India. I have not altered this comment in any way. This comment was not left by Davdi Ghosh. This is more of the nonsense and games that Acteva likes to play. People are tired of the Sandy excuse and others like it. Acteva collects money and is supposed to take their cut and pass off the rest. Its not tough. There are events that just completed that are not being paid. How is an event in July 2013, affected by Hurricane Sandy? That is pure nonsense. I am blackmailing Acteva? Prove it. Show me proof of me blackmail Acteva and trying to make money. I have not made a dime off this site and have no plans on making money off this site. I am not running ads on this site as way to make any money. I should sue Acteva for defamation of character for that insult.

      This comment claims that Acteva has always paid its bills on time. I have heard complaints upon complaints from people that did not get paid well before Hurricane Sandy hit. Issues go back to 2010. Clients that stopped using Acteva years ago contact me and tell me they had a hard time being paid back then.

      As for the other nonsense comments, I have posted them up on the http://www.actevasucks.info/the-acteva-talk.html page. This comment will go there as well. Acteva’s comments and they way they have chosen to handle the complaints, their clients and this site is their true character. The only money I want is for mu new found friends to be paid the money that Acteva collected on their behalf paid back to them.

  4. David –

    Can you tell us where to procure some of this “Patations” that you refer to? We’ve all run out.

    By the way, you should contact the San Francisco Better Business Bureau and let them know that the 82 complaints that were received from customers awaiting payment are not valid, because Acteva pays its bills on time. Always.

    Boy you sure have a sense of humor. When I read your accusations of blackmail I almost fell off of my chair laughing.

    Nick (former Acteva customer)

  5. Hi Jason,

    the previous comment was not from acteva, I am a former employee of acteva and the previous comment was from my exprience with acteva, i never thought like this with acteva, we whole team were laid off from acteva due to that sandy effect, that’y i thought acteva is in this situation because of that, Again Sorry for my words like “blackmail” in my previous comment. I hope all your friends NPO will get the money from acteva and acteva will start again.


    • David, your comments do not make sense. I am not following the timing of your comments. First you claim I am blackmailing Acteva and making money off my site. Now you are claiming to be a former employee that has been laid off. Do you know that Acteva is still hiring programmers and customer service reps. They are claiming to be shut down and out of business but the last job posting 12-Aug-2013. I don’t believe anything coming from Acteva or anyone claiming to be a former employee. I am not here to play games and people have been laid off due to Acteva keeping their money. I have posted your comments for others to make up their own mind if you are on the up and up. As for me, I don’t believe you and your choice of your name and email address.

  6. I have contacted the FBI. They have begun their initial investigations and may contact actevasucks for more info.

    We need to bring these criminals to justice.

  7. I represent a nonprofit in Florida and I have been getting the run-around from Acteva since our conference ended October 19. I supposedly have a call scheduled with the CEO next Tuesday to discuss “how” the company will pay us OUR OWN money. They owe us over $15,000. This is infuriating!! The line I got is “there have been some challenges and concerns with payments,” but they are working on it. I do not understand how they can just take people’s money like this-it is THEFT! Our small organization might actually fold if we don’t get this money and there is no way we can afford a lawyer. Although it sounds like that wouldn’t do any good anyway. What did they do with the money??

    • My best guess is they used your money to send payment to others. It is very sickening to see that they are still collecting money and not sending to the people they collected it from. I sent you an email on what you can do to try and get your money back. Atleast we know that Acteva is monitoring this site and see what is being posted.

  8. Kelly –

    Contact this person – they have been working to resolve these types of issues. She may not be able to help your organization specifically, but collectively all the information that she’s gathering will hopefully help everyone that is still owed money. Believe me, she’s familiar with Acteva’s problems by now, so you won’t need to do much to convince her that you are owed money.

    Karishma Patel
    Consumer Mediation
    San Francisco District Attorney’s Office
    732 Brannan Street
    San Francisco, CA 94103
    Consumer Hotline: (415) 551-9595

  9. Can anyone tell me why this company is still allowed to exist and collect money for groups … when it can’t pay them?

    • Jeff,

      Myself and countless others have been asking this same thing for months. The good people suffer in the meantime. I am really surprised that I am seeing an upswing in people contacting me this week. Its been quiet for a few weeks and now more complaints are rolling in. Its not going to help when Pankaj Gupta calls them back and offers to send them a few bucks now and offer a promissory note with accrued Interest, as long as Acteva is still collecting credit card payments their will be issues. Their track record does not change.

  10. We are a non-profit organization and we have been using Acteva for six years. We just realized that Acteva has not been sending any payments since mid 2011. They owe us anywhere from 5 to 10 thousand dollar. Our Treasurer will be reaching out to them on Monday. I will keep you posted on the outcome. If this all turns out to be true we will join any efforts to retaliate.

  11. A family friend had some issues with Acteva and reached out the DA in Santa Clara. Turns out that someone (probably Pankaj) was arrested and that they have 200 claims against the company and they are basically looking for where the money went.

    • Thank you for that. A lot of people have been asking where the money went. I hope they are able to recover the money and are able to start dispersing funds .

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