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We thought that Acteva was making amends and were starting to pay, but this is not the case.  Please make sure you:

File a complaint with the BBB

File with the BBB

Contact the San Francisco District Attorney’s office:

Email address: dca@dca.ca.gov

File a complaint with the California Attorney General

File here

Please email us as well so that we can add you to our list. All information is keep confidential. We just want to make sure everyone gets paid back.


I need your name:


Amount owed.


Thank you,

Acteva Sucks Staff

10 thoughts on “Acteva wants to pay

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  2. Hello, Admin has my name and institution but I am not authorized to disclose it publicly. The public must know that this company continues to delay paying accounts past due. The company’s action over the past several months has resulted in very serious consequences for our university-based program, which depended on the funds Acteva collected. The program was SHUT DOWN because Acteva did not pay and did not respond to many, many phone calls and e-mails. We trusted them to accept our students’ money and manage it properly. The fact that they did not pay us as scheduled is indeed a hallmark of mismanagement, whether or not a person wants to call it fraud.

    If it takes a web site like this to leverage payment from Acteva, so be it. Do not ever consider using this company for any services whatever. And tell everyone you know.

    • Dear Unhappy Acteva Customer,

      We are not only aware of who you are, but your story and all of the countless details about yoursituation. You are one of our many friends and the part of the driving force for this site. We do not understand why Acteva refuses to answer you and pay the money owed. I have seen the countless emails sent to Acteva and the extremely delayed respounces. For every 10 emails, you get 1 email 2 weeks later. So then, Acteva sets up a special email address, you email them and again its more crickets. We will keep fighting with you until you are paid. We would also like to see that you get a written apology MAILED to you from Dave Ghosh. Email will not do, we want it on company letterhead with Dave’s personal signature.

      I hope you will soon be Happy paid ex-Acteva customer soon.

  3. Admin: In all fairness, Acteva did call us today, but there was no communication about when we would be paid again and how much we might receive.

    • That is a step in the right direction. I hope to hear more stories along these lines. I do want to hear stories about checks being issued and accounts being closed as being fully paid.

  4. Admin: The letter I ideally want is not an apology from Dave Ghosh to my instituteion, but an open letter of apology to all of our students who trusted Acteva, and who have had to suffer the inconvenience and disappointment of classes being cancelled. Acteva’s actions have made our program and our institution look very bad.

    • That would be a great letter. Its sickening to hear about classes begin cancelled. This is the human side of the story this over-looked. Its not just about the money. It is how Acteva non-payment is disrupting to so many. That is why I am so disgusted by Acteva and the fact that they ignore calls. Non-profits coming off looking bad and get a bad reputation when it’s not their fault. I have yet to see any apology on any forums postings. I do see replies with credit vouchers in the form of a sales ad. Your true character is visible with how you deal with advisory not when things are going well.

  5. My nonprofit is also having problems. Our event was Feb 29th in Napa Ca. We’ve used Acteva for 6 years no problems now no calls back, no emails back except for canned excuses and doublespeak if they respond at all. We are going to engage the SF DA’s office. Account ID: 22358 Short Cut http://www.acteva.com/go/napaacademyawards2013 Organization Name: Napatelecast Organization Address: 501 Casswall Napa, CA 94558 US Organization Description: We host three major fundraising events each year. The Napa Valley Academy Awards Event to benefit HIV and Cancer programs at the Queen of the Valley Medical Center We’re still missing the following payments: Payment for Transactions between 1/6 – 1/20 = $ 1,052.04 Payment for Transactions between 2/21 – 3/5 = $ 3,465.14 Total = $ 4,517.18

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