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Acteva visits and visits some more

Acteva has been a more than a frequent visitor to this site. They not only visit on daily basis, but several times a day. Just from Acteva’s San Francisco office alone, they have viewed 1104 pages total.

acteve data views


Not only do they check out a single page and move to another, they come back and visit the same page within minutes.

Acteva views the same content over and over


Acteva has also been using the India locations to view the same content at the same time.

acteva traffic


Here is another example of both The San Francisco Acteva and one the personal home IP’s  viewing the same 2 pages at the same time.

Acteva Conference call

We are thankful for the traffic and visits. We do think Acteva could spend that time better, checking their emails and voicemails. During the course of the same ips from Acteva visiting over and over and over again, we have been contacted by 3 different non-profits all claiming to be owed money and advise us that Acteva is ignoring them. It appears that Acteva has been extremely distracted checking this site out for updates, that they are unable to contact you back.

Our top 2 ips are: 1104 pages viewed 795 pages viewed

Just so everyone is crystal clear 216,38.162.162 is the same IP that posted the “dumbshit” the “Brenda” and the plea for Acteva customers to email them. I have advised Atceva today that I am not furnishing a full list of clients owed money and have been requested to keep all information private. Acteva has all of the records of who they need to contact along with the amounts owed. If they do need a refresher, they can easily check their emails and voicemails.



6 thoughts on “Acteva visits and visits some more

  1. Perhaps this site is where the worker-bees go to try to ascertain how dire the situation is while they look for new jobs. Upper management must be keeping them, as well as the customers, in the dark about the finances because if the worker-bees and customers start leaving, it will be the final nail in the Acteva coffin. But someday soon, I predict, the paychecks are gonna stop, and probably sooner than later because nobody is doing anything to stop this downward spiral.

    • We think its where Acteva goes to figure out who to pay first. The squeaky wheel gets the grease. The other wheels are overlooked. Its does feel like we are a news site now. Check the news section, business, sports and entertainment sections. Just not sure why they would want to reread the same content over and over. If Acteva every contacted us, we would surely ask them that.

  2. If a wheel leaves a voicemail or email, and the voicemail or email is deleted without being heard or read, is the wheel still considered to be squeaky?

    Seems to me, speaking of wheels, that they are coming off of the Acteva bus.

    • I think the squeaky wheel refers to the comments they are unable to delete. The pressure is mounting. Its all their own doing. They put themselves into this by ignoring their clients. They have had several opportunities to rectify the situation and never did.

  3. Acteva has not even paid salaries of last month to its employees in India and shut down India office in Jan and still employees are chasing them.

    Sad that I once worked for this team.

    • We are so sorry to hear that you are owed money too. Its sad to hear how Acteva has dealt with former employees and its clients. We hope that you are able to get your money or find a company that will treat you better.

      Please feel free to leave more comments or email us directly.

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