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Acteva updates for August

I am sorry for delayed  updates on Acteva. Summer is here and between my kids, vacations and some other projects, I have been a bit busy. I have some good news to share. The BBB has just started to print the complaint details. They currently show 10 out of the 82 complaints. 5 new complaints were closed on August 7th, 2013. They were all ignored. Currently they can be found on page 3. The first 2 pages show the complaint that was filed. Names were omitted where need be.

This morning I was in the process of emailing a journalist when I got a love note from Acteva. A person in India claiming to be Dave G. insulted me and claimed I was blackmailing and making money off this site. I published the unaltered comment and it can be found found on the contact us page. I have also added the comment to the Acteva Talk page.

I attempted to call Acteva today and got what I believe is the call center in India. I was advised that nobody was in the office. I am seeing upswing in people reaching out to me. I sure wish I have a name for those affected. I hate to call you “victims.” You are some the brightest people I have spoken to and dealt with.  If anybody has a name, please pass it along.

angry acteva cleints


Acteva seems pretty oblivious to how upset their clients are. They do not know that I have been working with a former client that was paid off. I have created an email addy for my helper. its help @ actevasucks (dot) info. I have spoken with a few former employees and have been give some great insight into Acteva.

I will do my best to continue to update this site as time permits. I am still monitoring a few items and will update this site if there are any developments. I will continue to answer your emails, even if you never reply back me. Some of you are as bad as Acteva with your emails.  I am still here for you and will continue to be an ally as best as possible.

I did fire off an email today to Pankaj Gupta and Dave Ghosh about today’s “blackmail” comment. Its doubtful that I will get a reply from Acteva.

9 thoughts on “Acteva updates for August

  1. As my grandpa used to say, you are beating a dead horse. No one home at Acteva. Everyone has left. No money. No clients. No business. No future. Empty space. You won and fucked everyone you were trying to help in the process. Congrats!

    • How about you use your real name and email. Stopping hiding out. You want to pass the buck and play the blame game. Its the economy, the bad winter weather, Hurricane Sandy, an internal fraud investigation and a sick employee. None of these excuses works for why you can not answer the phone, return a voicemail or reply to an email. All that Acteva can do is collect money and not pay out the funds they collect and leave comments on this site. Its not about winning, its about Acteva dealing with the mess they made. You still do not get it, your former clients are beyond angry. They want blood. They laid off staff and could not pay their bills because you did not pay them or contact them back. We are talking about groups that work with children and try to make the world a better place. People have to take out loans and pay interest to pay their bills, vendors and staff. Acteva acts likes its a big ole joke. That is the message you are conveying by not contacting your clients and by posting fake comments on this site. Where was you willingness to help out for 4 months since this site went live. It will be 4 months next Thursday. I never say a willingness on your part. The Acteva MO is ignore, ignore, ignore and ignore. You should see my inbox of all of the emails I get on a daily basis. Why do I have to answer the question, “Has Acteva shut down? I call and nobody answers the phone anymore.” There never should have been an Acteva Sucks site. You played your games with my wife and her company and I got involved. You started this and you can end it. APOLOGIZE to your clients and come up with a payment plan. Is really simple. It has not changed since Day 1. The only thing that changed was the list of affect groups grew. I never caused Acteva to no longer become an approved vendor for a major university. That was all your doing. I know you blame me when you do contact clients, they send me the emails from you. I am not sure why you think I am naive. This is not first rodeo. If you have learned nothing from this site and my extensive research you missed that point.

  2. Actually I can’t reveal my true identity but what I am telling you is completely true….Acteva is no more….no employees, they are all gone…..empty offices….no money in the bank….no business…it is dead…no one there to answer the phones…and yes, thanks to you, BOZO no one will be paid….To continue this is just pissing in the wind!

    • How is it Acteva was still collecting funds 2 weeks ago? The problem is Acteva had not problem collecting the payments. Acteva should have told their clients not to use their services. Instead what happened was all new money was coming in to pay the past clients. There has been years of delayed payment after delayed payment. All of sudden Acteva got into major financial trouble and the amount owed skyrocketed. Instead of being respectful to your clients, you, yes you Phil, chose to ignore them. You did not contact my wife’s company until Dave Ghosh’s name was used in a Salesforce complaint. That is when the lies started. They were told that, “Acteva was advised they were paid off and that they were just trying to cause problems.” A simple phone call could have cleared this up. So Dave Ghosh asked that his name be removed from the comment and that he would start sending money. I had already been looking into Acteva for several weeks when had taken place. That is when I found the pattern of lack of payments and no communication from Acteva by contacting your clients. Again its my fault because why? Because I refused to work with and help Acteva out and take down my site? What reassurance did I have that Acteva would do the right thing? Acteva continued to ignore their clients. The whole time this site was live, Acteva continued to ignore and stiff their clients. Even as I pondered working with you new emails would come in asking for help. Again its my fault. Where is the other profitable side of the company that Pankaj Gupta spoke about? Where is this 7MM dollar company? Did you grandfather teach you about being a man and taking responsibility? You do not grasp how angry and upset your past clients are. I have a hard time coming up with a word that appropriately conveys their mood. I am not going to resort to name calling. Calling me a Bozo is a classy move.

    • Prove that they’re dead, Phil. Show us the proof if you can’t use your real name. Did they file for bankruptcy? When?

      I am a former client. This site admin is right on target is saying that had they communicated with their clients about the funding situation, it would not have blown up in their faces. Yet they continue to ignore the phone calls and emails.

      Ignoring clients got them in this mess….it sure ain’t gonna get them out of it.

      • I tend to agree with ‘Phil’. While I have appreciated the assistance/help from so many on this site, the goal of putting Acteva out of business doesn’t help any of us. It simply protects the future, but not any of us that are out what appears as hundreds of thousands of dollars. Putting Acteva out of business is likely the tipping point for many other business folding, mine included.

        • Even if Acteva has no more clients, they should still have the money they are holding for their former clients. If they need new clients to pay off former clients, then they are acting as a Ponzi scheme. Any new clients will not be paid because their monies will be used to pay former ones. Somehow along the way, something happened to the monies they were holding for all the NPO’s that have not been paid. Having new clients will not solve their problem. Any claims to the contrary are off the mark.

  3. After countless emails, unreturned, and calls also in returned, our non profit organization for educators has still NOT collected the full amount from a conference held in October 2012. This outstanding debt is limiting the conference, speakers, professional development and scholarships we can offer this year! Acteva poor business practice has real implications for our organization, our mission as educators and the students we serve!
    How sad that another’s greed drives them to hurt so many in the process. We only want for Acteva to pay out the amount collected on our behalf.
    Another Acteva Victim

  4. Wonderful work! I like that you took time to do an update for August. Any chance that you can do a new update for September? I would be curious to see what new information you have and see what else is going on. Keep up the good work.

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