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Acteva Staff

According to the BBB here are the officers and their titles:

Mr. Pankaj Gupta (President) (CEO)



Pankaj Gupta Acteva

Virender Ahluwalia

Virender Ahluwalia






Dave Ghosh
Vice President, Global Sales & Business Development


Principal: Ed Lemire

Ed Lemire Acteva

Executive Vice President Ed (Edmund) Lemire (email is elemire@acteva.com) and his direct line is 415-962-9039

Ed likes to refer to himself as the owner. We hear if you email and call him multiple times a day, money starts being sent out. Its also a great idea to use his name in your complaints too.

Linkedin list of employees:

Brian Hoover
CTO at Acteva and E-Commerce Consultant


Brian Hoover Acteva


James Turnbough
Merchant Operations Administrator


James Turnbough Acteva


Tanya Petrov – tpetrov@acteva.com
Director of Marketing at Acteva
415-962-9000 ext 1046

Tanya Petrov Acteva


Cherry Piper

Richard Cunningham
Product Manager for Cloud-based Solutions



Claudio Vega
Liaison at Acteva


Claudio Vega Acteva


Louise  Gafner
Manager of Acccouting


Louise Gafner Acteva

7 thoughts on “Acteva Staff

  1. We are a non profit who used acteva extensively this summer, unaware that there are issues. Well now I know. So Any progress in getting them to pay claims?

  2. Things seem to be getting worse, the site admin has stated that he’s getting contacted almost daily.

    If you look solely at the BBB complaints, they appear to be growing at an exponential rate. Take a look back to Q1 in 2012:

    Q1 2012 3
    Q2 2012 4
    Q3 2012 8
    Q4 2012 7
    Q1 2013 14
    Q2 2013 20
    Q3 2013 41

    Yes, I know that Q3 has not ended yet, but there were 14 complaints in July alone. Throw in August and September (assuming the they are similar to July) and you’re in the low 40’s.

    Has Acteva gone late on one of your payments yet? The site admin has some steps you can take to get your money back….the first of which is filing a complaint with the BBB.

  3. Acteva owes my group $4445.00. They no longer respond to email or calls. Please let me know what I can do to help you help others claim their money. Regards, Jeffrey Jackson

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  7. An odd question: I happen to be looking at a different website called New League and the gentleman there that is the founder and CEO named Naveen Singha looks just like the person here Pankaj Gupta.

    Take a look at: http://www.newleague.co/

    Is this not the same person or???

    Let me know please because he wants to do some business with me and I am checking this out.

    THank you

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Does Acteva owe you money?

Steps to get your money back File complaints

Current BBB Complaint Count 158

Closed with BBB assistance (65)
Failed to Resolve the Complaint (9)
BBB found company made good faith to resolve complaint (16)
Company Failed to Reply to complaint (68)

All BBB Complaints

See the full list of Acteva BBB Complaints

A typical Acteva Complaint

Here is a reopened complaint that Acteva has yet to take care of, Failed to reply to BBB Complaint

Ed Lemire is back at Acteva

We just heard that Ed Lemire is back and contacting people and promising money will be paid. The question remains if the payment will arrive. Email or call him today: email is elemire@acteva.com and his direct line is 415 962 9039

Pankaj Contacted Actevasucks

Pankaj Gupta and I had an hour long phone call and you can see some of what we spoke about here

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