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This Actevasucks site has not gone the way I originally planned. I thought at first, I would use this site to wake up Pankaj Gupta and the rest of Acteva into doing the right thing. I never imaged how big the mess would be or how many groups were being affected by Acteva not paying them back.  I started to slow down my activity on this site, but kept a watchful eye on everything that was going on. I do mean everything. I do monitor the BBB complaint logs, thank you for those that email too. Some days you see them prior to me.

This has been a really tough site to work on. I was idealistic and thought the pressure of this site could make a difference at Acteva. It did not. What has transpired is a wonderful community of people helping each other behind the scenes. Should I be surprised that a bunch of people working in education and non-profit fields would not help each other.  What has been great is all of the knowledge that is being shared openly and freely. I thank you all personally for the emails and information that you supply me with. This leads me to this.

Pankaj Gupta and Acteva can’t catch a break

I have been hearing from a lot of you that Pankaj has contacted you. He has offered a significant discount on future Acteva events. I have heard about promissory notes for different degrees of interest rates. I am hearing of weekly checks being issued too along with dates for more financial help coming.  It does seem that every positive step Gupta takes, he shoots himself in the foot by ignoring another former client.

Today I was contacted by another person that is owed money and that Acteva is ignoring. This person is beyond angry. The named used in the comment is: going2F***acteva. A lot of people have been in this same boat or still are. While it is nice to hear some people have been seeing a check show up here and there, its still unsettling to see a BBB complaint close for $56.52.

Like I said Acteva takes one step forward and 5 steps back. There is no way that complaint should have closed as unanswered. I would have found the money to make it go away. The only reason people are contacting the BBB is due to Pankaj ignoring them when they try and reach out.

I go back and forth on how I feel about Acteva. Somedays, I just want them shut down and other days I want them to correct the issues that caused this mess. Ultimatly, I want to see that everyone is being paid back. I do not know what the future has in store for Acteva. Can they fix this mess and make a turnaround? I am not sure. I will continue to monitor the situation as best as possible inbetween my numerous projects and clients. Please keep sending me your emails, questions and comments. I do love to see how Pankaj Gupta replies.

3 thoughts on “Acteva September Update

  1. I am glad to see you have not disappeared. I understand that you may have gotten busy, but thank you so much for the update. I am glad to see that you continue to monitor the situation.

  2. I too was contacted by Mr. Gupta. All I wanted to know is when can I expect to be paid back. I did not need the laundry list of excuses and empty promises. I have been waiting to get paid back for a year now. I have no desire to ever use Acteva again. I have no desire to recommend Acteva to anybody else. I also have no desire to take my business to Mylo Solutions. Dave Ghosh never helped me at all. I have been lied to nine ways from Sunday and refuse to believe anything else they have to say.

  3. I have had two conversations with Mr. Gupta. He has sent me some of what is owed and trying to make amends. Please give him some breathing room to ‘make good’.

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