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Acteva and Mylo Solutions

Mylo Solutions wants it to be known that they are not Acteva or affiliated with Acteva at all. The claim they are merely using the and licensing the Acteva software for their newly founded company. They have managed to make it look so blurry that its hard to tell if they are or are not Acteva.

Looks like a Duck.

Mylo Solutions is cofounded by Bill Briner. Bill was the VP of product for Acteva. Mylo is also employing Dave Ghosh, he was the VP of Sales for Acteva. Mylo has just set up a LinkedIn account and only one person has identified themselves as being empolyeed, Tanya Petrov. She is the Director of Marketing. She was also the Director of Marketing at Acteva.

Sounds like a duck.

The newest member to the Mylo team is David “Dave” Bunnell. Dave is handling the social media for Mylo Solution. I was recently alerted to the fact that Mylo now has a twitter and Facebook. I looked at the FB account and noticed, 3 people were liking the posts, Mylo Solutions, Tanya and Mr. Bunnell. Yes, Dave used this same tactic with Acteva. I took a look at the twitter account and noticed they were following a high number of people. I strongly suspect that this is a practice know as autofollowing.

Autofollowing is when you use a program to follow a bunch of profiles hoping that they will follow you back. You then either unfollow the ones that are or are not following you back. I noticed the similar tactic with Dave’s other twitter accounts.

Talks like a duck.

Twitter mylo solutions

Another tactic that Dave uses is retweeting tweets on his other accounts. Low and behold but the now defunct Acteva twitter account has retweeted a mylo tweet. Janelle now has a last name of hopper and has changed her handle to caringtweets. Bunnell also took over the twitter account for Ken Okino when Jimmy Beans Cafe closed down. Ken was one of the ones to sound off in support of Acteva back in May.

Its a duck.

It sure looks like Acteva and Mylo Solutions are sharing the same DNA. It appears to that Mylo Solutions is just Acteva being rebranded. They probably are different companies but relying on the same tactics and crew. The only thing I know is, I don’t trust either. Michael McNally advised me that Mylo has a partnership with Salesforce, none exists. Acteva no longer has a partnership with Salesforce as it is currently being reviewed. It will take people much higher up to figure out if Acteva and Mylo Solutions are one company or not.

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7 thoughts on “Acteva and Mylo Solutions

  1. I think its time Mylo Solutions’ team comes clean and announces themselves publicly. Why are they hiding their identities? You have a LinkedIn profile and claim to have at least 11 people, yet only show one employee. I agree, its hard to tell them apart. Being shrouded in secrecy does not help their cause.

  2. I wonder how Acteva feels now that Mylo is using their twitter account to retweet. Sure they are 2 different companies, and I’m the queen of Sheba.

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    I got this email other day from from a female sales representative at Mylo Solutions:

    >Thank you for taking our call.

    >Mylo Solutions offers a system that automates the registration and management of
    >events and classes.

    >Here is a link to our introductory video, and our brochure is attached.

    >Our goal is to set up a forty-five minute online demo for you.

    >We will follow up in a few days to discuss our solution and how it can benefit your


    Then she called me up. When I asked how she’d gotten my name, she told me it came from Acteva. I told her that was funny, because I’d never heard of Acteva before. Which isn’t true because everybody in the nonprofit world knows about Acteva and the terrible things they did. She told me how her company could help me to organize my events. So I decided to have a little fun with her. ‘Wh’ich company is that? The one you got my contact info from?’

    She insisted that Mylo Solutions had no connection whatsoever with Acteva. Then I reminded her where she’d gotten my name. She said it was purchased fair and square. Okay. ‘Does that mean your company will be selling the names of the people who attended my events too?’, I asked. No, she said. That would never happen. ‘Why not?’ I asked. ‘You bought my name fair-and-square, didn’t you?’ She said yes. So I said, ‘Couldn’t you sell it too?’ Again there was no answer. Then I asked, ‘What’s to keep your company from data mining my entire organization and selling that?’

    The lady had no clear answer. She told me that it could all be explained at an online demo. Then I decided to have a little more fun with her. ‘Is that the demo on YouTube under the name Acteva Sucks???’ She said she’d never heard of it, so I offered to send her the link. Again she was speechless.

    ‘Do you work on commission?’, I asked. She wouldn’t say. ‘Where do you think your paycheck comes from?’, I asked. No answer. ‘Nonprofits like mine?’, I asked. ‘And data mining?’, I asked again. No, she said. ‘Then how’d you get my name?’, I asked. I was on a roll. She said it was on a list, and that was all. ‘On a list that came from Acteva?’, I asked. Yes, she said. ‘What’s the name of the person who gave you that list?’, I asked. Crickets.

    So I said this. ‘I’ll tell you what. I’d like to see every single record of exactly how my name got into your hands. Complete with written authorizations, requisitions, purchase orders, payment records, deposit records and balance sheets of anyone involved in that transaction. That’s what I’d like to see at an online demo. Can you arrange that?’

    Radio silence. ‘Just a couple more questions. Who’s in charge of products and services at your company?’, I asked. I already knew the answer because I’d been to her website. ‘Your website says it’s Bill Briner, right?’, I asked. She said yes. ‘And who was in charge of products and services at Acteva? Wasn’t that Bill Briner too?’, I asked. Silence. ‘The website at Zoominfo says it was. Did you know about that?’, I asked. Silence again.

    ‘So my nonprofit could expect the same level of service that other nonprofits got from Mr. Briner?’, I asked. No, she said. It’d be much better. That’d all be explained at the demo, she said. ‘Who runs the demo?’, I asked. I already knew the answer to that question too. ‘Is it Mr. Briner?’. More silence.

    I had a few more questions for her. ‘I understand that a former Acteva employee with the last name Gupta has been charged by the authorities for embezzling a large amount of money from nonprofits like mine. Did you know about that?’, I asked. Yes, she said. She knew about it. ‘Who’s paying his legal fees?’, I asked. She said she didn’t know. ‘Have you gotten any paychecks lately?’, I asked. Yes, she said. ‘Can you tell me the last name of the person who signs them?’, I asked. Silence. I already had the answer to that question too.

    ‘Is it Gupta?’, I asked. Yes, she said. ‘Does he happen to have a resume on LinkedIn?’, I asked. She didn’t know. But I did. I’d gotten it from her company’s website. ‘Your company isn’t mentioned in Mr. Gupta’s online resume. Did you know that?’, I asked. She said no. ‘And it looks like he’s changed his last name too. Did you know about that?’, I asked. She said no again. ‘As your Chief Financial Officer, isn’t that something you should know?’, I asked. Silence.

    I could tell the lady was pretty uncomfortable by now. But I wasn’t done with her. ‘Who’s your Chief Business Officer?’, I asked. No answer. ‘Your website says it’s a man named Sunil Maulik. Is that right?’, I asked. Yes, she said. ‘Did Mr. Maulik put you up to this?’, I asked. She said yes. ‘Is Mr. Maulik ashamed of something?’, I asked. No, she said. ‘Then why didn’t he call me himself?’, I asked. Crickets again.

    ‘Does your company owe you any money?’, I asked. Silence. ‘I’d like you to look something up. Go to Google and type in ‘Acteva owes us money’. Can you do that?’, I asked. Yes, she said. ‘It looks like Acteva owes money to quite a few people. Did you know about that?’, I asked. More silence. ‘Now I’d like you to enter ‘Company accused of bilking nonprofits shut down’. Can you do that?’, I asked. Yes, she said. ‘That’s Acteva, isn’t it?’, I asked. Yes, she said. ‘Do you seriously think that you’ll get paid?’, I asked. Yes, she said. ‘For using the Acteva list?’, I asked. Silence.

    ‘Have you ever been to the Acteva Sucks website?’, I asked. She said no. Then I asked if it’d be okay to share our little conversation with the world. She didn’t say yes or no. So I asked if it’d be okay to publish it there without using her name. Again, she wouldn’t say yes or no. ‘Don’t you want some free advertising?’, I asked. Once again, I got no answer.

    ‘I’ll tell you what,’ I told her. ‘I’ll post it there without mentioning either of our names. Can I mention the name of your company there?’, I asked? She said she’d have to check with her supervisor and get back to me. ‘Your company’s not ashamed of this conversation, is it?’, I asked. She sad no. So I said, ‘I’ll tell you what. I’ll try to get it posted there. If anything’s wrong, have your supervisor contact the site administrator there. I’m sure they can work something out. How’s that?’ Again, she said she’d have to check with her supervisor.

    Before letting her off the phone, I apologized for putting her on the spot. She’d been put in a terrible position. Not by me, but by her male employers. Men who didn’t have the nerve to call me themselves. And then used a woman to do their dirty work instead.


    I decided to go to Mylo Solutions’ website and do a little fact checking on their Chief Business Officer. That’s Mr. Sunil Maulik. Here’s the website.


    According to Mylo, Mr. Maulik holds patents in gene pattern-matching, e-learning and e-mail analytics.” So I went to the United States Patent Office online to confirm. Here’s their website.


    When I searched for “Maulik-Sunil” nothing came up. You can find lots of patents for “Smith-John”. But nothing for Mr. Maulik. So I searched for his patent applications at Justia. Here’s the search results for him there.


    What you’ll see are six patent applications. All of which match the three patents Mr. Maulik claims to hold. But they only have application numbers. Not patent numbers. Apparently, Mr. Maulik believes that asking for something is the same as actually having it. Uh-huh.

    So I went back to Mr. Maulik’s bio at Mylo’s website. “Sunil was winner (in conjunction with John Teeter and Gene Wang) of a $1.45MM SBIR grant from the DoE (2009)” Then I went to the DoE website to look for SBIR grant winners in 2009. Here’s the SBIR grant recipients for 2009.


    Can you see Mr. Maulik’s name there? I can’t. There are only company names. So I went to Mr. Maulik’s online resume to see where he worked in 2009. Here it is.


    According to his resume, Mr. Maulik worked for three different companies at the time. Health 2.0, People Power Company and Persistent Systems. None of which appear on the list of companies listed as 2009 SBIR grant winners. So it looks like Mr. Maulik can get a million dollar grant without anyone else knowing about it. Sure.

    Now look at the bottom of his resume. He’s actually got a Ph.D. So Dr. Maulik is a genius who can’t tell the difference between a patent application and a patent. A man of letters who doesn’t know the difference between a grant application and a grant.

    Taking Dr. Maulik at his word, we’re to believe that he started out in molecular biology and wound up as a telemarketing manager. Using somebody else’s customer list to get by. Feeding on nonprofits.

    Now back to Dr. Maulik’s resume one more time. “1982 – Came to USA at 22 with $100 and letter guaranteeing full scholarship to Brandeis.” From there he went into biotechnology. And from there into telemarketing.

    What’s wrong with this picture?

  7. What does the second sentence that reads “The claim they are merely using the and licensing the Acteva software for their newly founded company” means? please elaborate.

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