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Acteva is in a Media Storm

Pankaj Gupta and Acteva are in the middle of a major media storm. As it turns out Acteva neglected to pay back $6,200 to a group of journalists. The Society of Professional Journalists are the ones that have started this media frenzy. The President of the Local Chapter is J.W. August, an investigative producer at 10News. The U-T San Diego paper started looking into the Acteva and has been contacted by several groups all claiming to be owed money.

The ABC Affiliate in San Diego, ABC New10 is also in the middle of covering the story. They were the first to publish the Acteva story and will be covering it again live on the News at 5pm today, September 27th, 2013. Pankaj Gupta replied back to Cristin Severance request for a comment with this statement:

“Because of the current crisis the business has downsized significantly. The negative social media onslaught is basically killing the business and the brand. All of my key executives and team members have gone. We are trying to stay alive and avoid bankruptcy so that we can drive our software as a service revenues to pay back the organizers. 

I am personally trying to contact each one of the organizers to come up with some type of plan till we stabilize the situation. It is an overwhelming undertaking but we are doing our best to make the organizations whole. If you have a list of companies go ahead and send it to me so that I can prioritize working with them.”

I started this site after discovering 2 groups were owed a combined $175,000. Since then money owed has skyrocketed. Acteva was presented with countless opportunities to do the right thing and contact their clients and start paying back the money that never belonged to them. The choose to ignore their clients and my advice. This is the result of that. The new found media attention is cost them $6,200.

The latest press coverage has started to get picked up on twitter too. Various press and journalists are tweeting out both links to their followers. My own Acteva twitter account was caught in the cross fire. I had to advise that Acteva no longer has a twitter account as it now belongs to David Bunnell for his spam practices.

The 10news San Diego ran the story on thier 7pm Newscast on September 27th, 2013. Here is the Acteva story video. The Cristin Severance demonstrated how she attempted to call Acteva and not get a real person or leave a message. The segment showed a handful of companies that were out money from Acteva and how much.

The question remains to be seen if Acteva will learn from this and start contacting and paying back the money that is owed. There is always a chance to make amends and start to correct the situation before it gets worse. I warned Pankaj Gupta that he did not need to worry about my site as bigger things were at play.



2 thoughts on “Acteva is in a Media Storm

  1. “Because of the current crisis the business has downsized significantly. The negative social media onslaught is basically killing the business and the brand.”

    Really? We were told in late 2012/early 2013 that it was Hurricane Sandy, a fraud investigation, and Ed Lemire getting sick.

    I guess it’s easier to blame someone else…..but Pankaj, the timeline of your problems and emergence of the negative social media just doesn’t add up. Don’t think for a second we didn’t notice that.

  2. Wow, it looks like Acteva finally upset the wrong group of people. I am glad they did not even notice whom they did not pay. When you neglect to pay a group of journalists they are going to make you pay. I hope all of this bad press was worth not paying $6,200. My group is out way more then that. Its a shame I could not get the media to cover my story. I tried on several occasions. I am applauded that Pankaj Gupta and Acteva want to blame this site. What a bunch of BS. I was told it was an employee out on sick leave that delayed all of my payments. I suspect that somebody got caught with their hand in the cookie jar. I will never do business with Acteva EVER AGAIN. You treated your clients with such disrespect. Hey, Dave Ghosh, I will not be taking my event to Mylo Solutions. You are part of the problem and not the solution. I know I will not see even a penny of what is owed. I just hope Acteva does not get any more business. STAY AWAY FROM ACTEVA OR YOU’LL BE SORRY AND BE OUT THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS.

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