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Acteva is still hiding out

Today, we contact a few of the Non-profits that Acteva owes money to wanting to see how things were going. We were more then shocked to hear that Acteva has not contacted any of them. Really? 4 non-profits are all stating that Acteva is still not contacting them. We Acteva has enough time in the day to visit our site:

Acetva visits Acteva Sucks

Wow, they came back by today to check out the site, and have not even contacted Amy Donahue! In fact Amy sent this reply this morning, “Thank you for your follow-up! I haven’t heard or seen anything from Acteva yet.” This surprising since we have post the link to Amy’s BBB complaint and approved her comment a 2 full days ago. We also contacted Rebecca, and she advised us the same thing.

We sent Ed Lemire of Acteva 2 different emails inquiring of when they planned on making payments. We have been ignored as well. We left Dave Ghosh a voicemail message and Acteva came flocking to our site. If Acteva every responded to us, we are pretty sure we know the reply we would get.

Ed Lemire Acteva FB post


This was taken from Ed Lemire’s Facebook page and has since been removed. Maybe Ed saw the hypocrisy in this or it is now hitting to close to home. If company can not act with class and contact their clients, then that company does not need clients. Acteva found about this site on April 25th 2013 based on the activity on this site. They fact that this site has had no affect on countless NPO, shows the type of character and class Acteva has. This is why we keep updating this site and are pushing for full legal action to take place in order to shut Acteva down once and for all.  We do know that time is running out for Acteva and no amount of press release will fix the issues and solve the problems that have caused. Their actions have reflecting staff being laid off, programs being shut down, services being stopped and staff not to be paid. And Acteva remains silent and trolls this site.




3 thoughts on “Acteva is still hiding out

  1. Perhaps it is time to start pointing Acteva’s existing customers to the BBB website and let them draw their own conclusions. I have done so with one organization and the person in charge said it was “very concerning”. While I sincerely hope she does not have any issues with receiving payment, at least she won’t be taken by surprise if she does.

  2. I reposted the above image from Ed’s Facebook feed and commented on how his organization is treating non-profit organizations like crap and the hypocrisy of it all. Then he took it down which also took it off my facebook. I have to say that I am ultimately bummed.

    Dear Ed Lemire,

    If you read this, I want you to stand up like a man and admit your mistakes. Then, instead of attempting to gain more clients, simply pay the ones you already owe money to.

    We don’t want your money. We can’t be bought. We aren’t in this for ourselves. We just want you to step up and do the right thing.

    Are you man enough?

    • The best bet is for Acteva to open the closet and clear out all of their skeletons. We will find them one way or another and continue to post them here and turn over all evidence to the applicable authorities. Some of this information we have discovered on our own while others have been present to us by some of their own former clients. There are a lot of people involved and helping each other out. This may have started as a one person show, but it has quickly developed into a full community. The last option to come clean and start to make full amends. We are talking with NPOs that have already received their funds months ago but they are still helping to stop the cycle of future victims.

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