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Acteva has been busy spending money.

Back on February 15th, 2014 I posted the fact that this site was experiencing a week of heavy hack attempts. Those attempts have not slowed down any. In fact I am seeing between 100 to 150 hack attempts per IP Address on a daily basis. I will not go into full detail of the hack attempts, except to say that each IP that is being used costs anywhere from seventy-five cents to one dollar. We are talking $150 per day. That is $1050 per week and $4650 per 31 calendar days. That is lot of money to try and hack my server and other sites I hosted there. This uptick in hack attempts is the most I have ever seen in the years I have worked in Online Marketing.

Onlinertips ed lemire post

I did notice that the major hack attempts started in the early morning hours of Feb 11th. I didn’t put the pieces together with how significant of date this was until early this morning. I had been advised that Acteva had posted job openings for workers in India on Feb 12th. I didn’t even think to tie the two together. They seemed like two unrelated series of events. That was until, late yesterday when I was alerted to onlinertips(dot)org. It seems that Ed Lemire has a post on this site. I first I chuckled at the fact until I looked down at the bottom of the site and found this, “Proudly brought to you by Acteva”. That is right Acteva bought and is operating a new site. They were running adsense on it too. Adsense is a way to run ads on site and make money each time somebody clicks on the ad. I ran the whois on the site and found that this domain was bought on Feb 12th. It was also set to private registration. Buying the domain for a year and making it a private registration is $20.00.

Onlinertips godaddy whois

It does seem like Acteva has money to spend on themselves. While onlinertips is did not cost more than $20.00, that money could have been used in a better manner. If it is Acteva that is behind the attacks to my site, and I truly feel that it is them, that money should be going to the people they owe. I have noticed some new events being handled by Acteva, so it would seem that the new money coming in is being used to by Acteva and as I was told last week, not going to the person they collected the money for. The sad irony is the people I am trying to warn to drop Acteva are the same ones enabling them to try and bring my site down. I moved this site to a different server, and I am now seeing a different type of hack that I will not go into. I don’t want to tip my hand, but I do see it.

Onlinertips acteva message

7 thoughts on “Acteva has been busy spending money.

    • I wish that would help. Sadly, I suspect the money will be used in other avenues. I have had 188 alerts of failed login attempts since 1:37 am. That is an 37.6 alerts per hour.

  1. I should leave a comment or two there asking when will I be paid!!! I would love to see a $200 check, something better than nothing.

    • Thomas, I know where your $200 is. Acteva hired a woman named Heather Mickelson to help with marketing and to draw in new, unsuspecting clients to pay off the organizations that Acteva has been screwing over the past 18 months – her profile is here: http://www.linkedin.com/in/heathermickelson

      She apparently had a great idea to drum up new business by offering a free gift ($100 in registration processing fees) to continuing customers – you can read the press release here: http://www.acteva.com/pdf-file/12_17_13_Press_Release.pdf

      Sadly, Heather didn’t proofread – check out the second sentence “Simply redeem by 12/31/2013 and is valid through 03/31/13.”

      I am sure Heather isn’t working for free, either. It doesn’t seem to me like she’s all that successful if she has to stoop so low to take on a client whose reputation is shot and doesn’t have funds to pay employees, let alone clients who have been waiting for many months or longer to get their money back.

      At any rate, if you want to know where your money is, ask Heather. Her email is hmickelson@acteva.com.

  2. Do they have a valid address anywhere in CA? They are still sending checks with the old address on Buskirk in Walnut Creek. That address returns all mail as undeliverable with no forwarding address.

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