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A tale of two types of PR

Acteva has been getting slammed recently by some major negative press lately. Several non-profits have been posted on various forums that they are A owed money by Acteva and B that Acteva is not returning countless phone calls and emails.

List of complaints and or negative Acteva reviews:






Acteva has been the center of some serious complaints about owing several non-profits thousands of dollars. It has been exactly 2 weeks today that Acteva has acknowledged this site and the same complaints keep surfacing. We reached out to a friend of ours to provide his feedback as an Online Reputation Management specialists and he wrote Do the right thing. This post followed up Alysson Fergison’s post Advice for Acteva. It seems our advice to publicly address this matter is different than Acteva’s understanding.

Todya, May 13th 2013, Acteva published a press release: Acteva Rides the Wave of Educational Revolution With Its Cloud-based Class Management Software. Acteva is trying to promote theier business while ignoring phone calls and emails. There is a review process to any press release submission. Its usually a 48 hour turnaaround time from when the release is submitted until the release is published. This release had to have been worked on towards the later part of last week. Interesting enough, we had been contacted by another non-profit advising us that Acteva is ignoring them as well.

Wow, Acteva has been presented with countless oppurnities to reply to the admin of this site and they have not. Acteva has been presented with countless advice and ways to address and apologize to the non-profits demanding their money. Instead, Acteva is about to learn the the Streisand effect. The best way to explain the streisand effect is this. Every step to fix a problem, backfires and makes matters worse. Acteva is in a huge hole and they keep making it bigger.

Acteva can either take the advice given or continue their downward spiral until they are forced to close the doors for good. There are only a certain amount of live lines available until people stop trying. The actions of Acteva make it so we hope the close permantly. They are sinking faster than the Titanic and only they can save themselves.

2 thoughts on “A tale of two types of PR

  1. They have time to write up a press release, trying to make more money and get more clients, but not servicing the clients they currently have and owe money to.

    These guys are so lost, they need a proctologist to find their heads.

    • We believe its called robbing Peter to pay Paul. Sadly lots of Pauls are not getting paid or paid very slowly. Yes, drum up new business to pay off the outstanding balances.

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