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The other day I was talking with a friend of mine when they brought up a story that, quite honestly, I didn’t believe at first. They said they knew a “legitimate” company that owed their company $60,000! I decided to do my own research and was, at first, shocked to discover that the company has a hidden secret: while their website promotes them as an amazing resource for business owners who require event planning, their reviews, even the reviews by their own employees, say something quite different.

The online company Acteva is a great example of how a real business can take real money from their customers without the customers being able to do anything about it. On Acteva’s website they state that they are the “largest and most experienced event registration, class registration, and private community software provider in the market today.” Open for 12 years, the company claims that they have helped over 20,000 organizations to host events. Their customer testimonial webpage is filled to overflowing with clients talking about the positive experiences that they had with the company.

But you can put anything you would like to on your own web page, which is why smart consumers look elsewhere for their reviews – so what happens if you enter the phrase “Acteva review” on Google? Well, something like this:

TrustPilot Acteva Review


This review is found on TrustPilot.com, a community-based platform that allows users to post reviews about companies. “But,” you say, “that’s only one review and any business is likely to get at least one bad review, right?” That is a fair assessment and it is true that almost every business is going to get people upset with it after being open for 12 years.

Keep searching, though, and you wind up with this:

YellowPages Acteva Reviews

Found on Yellow Pages, this is definitely a compelling review. The reviewer seems truly upset to have had to write such a negative review. Again, a person casually searching for information may think nothing of two negative reviews, but if you notice both reviews complain about the same thing – the company’s refusal to adhere to their payment schedule.

The fact that both negative reviews reference the same issue should raise the red flag a bit. The reviews found on Salesforce, however, should not only raise the flag but should cement it firmly into the ground…

acteva salesforce


Once again you have two Acteva clients complaining that they did not get the money owed to them by the company. On one review there is a response from what we can only assume is an Acteva spokesperson stating that “this must have been an exceptional case”, but nowhere does Lead Marketing state that they will do everything they can to pay the customer the money that they are owed.

Because of the way Acteva is set up, many non-profit organizations have turned to using it. Unfortunately it seems like many non-profits are having an issue with the company as well.

TechSoup Acteva

These reviews, found on TechSoup, a website created to help non-profit organizations, shows that a number of different non-profit organizations have had an issue with the company.

The one thing that is the most worrisome about all of these reviews is the fact that, when contacted, the Acteva company does not seem to contact its clientele back in a timely manner. Can you imagine being owed $100,000 and not being able to access the funds that are rightfully yours? That amount of money could easily be the end of a business, especially businesses that rely heavily upon funds, like many non-profits.

That may be why the company has a little issue with the Better Business Bureau

acteve bbb revoked

Not only did the company have 48 complaints against them in the past 3 years, but they failed to respond to 14 complaints and their accreditation has been revoked!

NOTE: At the time this article was written Acteva had 48 complaints through the BBB. Only one day later they had 50!

You may be wondering how a business that has so many negative reviews against them, that refuses to answer to the customers who have complaints about it, and who lost their BBB accreditation can still be open.

That is a very good question to speculate upon, and the answer is this: because people keep using them. When consumers refuse to use a service it is forced to close. When consumers continue to use a service, however, it is able to remain open. Often consumers are so happy to have found a possible solution to their problems that they do not take the time to search for customer reviews online, nor do they do any in-depth probing about the company.

For example if you look at the Acteva website they state that their global headquarters is in San Francisco. Call the number, however, and you are instantly re-routed to India. That’s not to say that there’s anything wrong with utilizing an Indian based company, but consumers should know exactly where a business is based without any smoke and mirrors.

The final nail in the coffin for Acteva, for me, anyway, was this:

Glassdoor Acteva Listing


Glassdoor is a company that allows employees to write about the business that they work for. As you can see from just these two reviews, Acteva is obviously not well loved by its employees!

So you’ve got a company that has tons of horrible reviews, that has had their accreditation revoked by the BBB, and a company whose own employees seemingly can’t stand the company!

Guys, you have to investigate any company or vender that you plan on hiring or working with! My friend’s company has been going back and forth with Acteva for quite some time trying to get paid, and from the way it looks it’s doubtful that it will happen. Had my friend’s company even looked into Acteva a little bit it is likely that they would have passed on them and found a different vendor.


See what others are now saying about Acteva:

Acteva Press

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    • We have so many words to choose from to describe Acteva. We will let the piece speak for itself. Thank you for your comment.

  1. Wow… the selfishness and lack of integrity of some people never ceases to amaze me. To target non-profits, knowing they have limited resources to pursue legal action, is absolutely unconscionable.

    I’ll be sharing this story via Facebook & Twitter in the hope that your post will help others, particularly not-for-profits, can avoid suffering the consequences of falling victim to Acteva’s fraudulent and malicious “business” practices.

    • Thank you for your support it means the world to us. There are countless companies out a lot of money. We hope that Salesforce will cut off Acteva as a vendor. It’s so sad that non profits are struggling to do good and have to deal this headache. Thank you for fighting with us.

    • What does that even mean? They have offices all over. Their own website lists 3 locations in India. If your only bone of contention is that, you missed the crux of the article and need to read it again. FYI, Acteva is now up to 53 complaints with the BBB. We have a screen shot showing 48. That is an additional 5 complaints in 3 days. Why do not you ask their CEO about the status of their complaints.

      • Well said Nick, well said. If this is a ponzi scheme or if Acteve is short on funds to pay back clients, it looks like pure fraud. 53 BBB complaints for billing and service, shows a history of issues.

  2. Acteva owes us $56k of a $70k conference that took place in February!! They refuse to answer calls, emails, etc. I’ve reported to the BBB and I leave a message for Claudio and their VP every single day. Aggregious breach of contract. Anyone have insight into how to take legal action?

    • I am sorry to hear that. You now bring the total owed to $230,000. That is obscene. We suggest contacting the Attorney General in California. There are 2 complaints logged with them. Each complaint, will hopefully get the ball rolling for swift legal action. The BBB is a great resource to use as well. Please feel free to send us any documentation you have and we will post it here as well. If you use twitter, follow our twitter feed. We will update you when we know more.

      • This comment was left by an Acteva employee. The were kind enough to add the wrong domain name as the email address. There is no actevasucks dot com address, we are .info. Second the initials were VC. We suspect that VC is just CV in reverse and CV is short for Claudio Vega. The 3rd reason to suspect that this is Mr. Vega is that fact that we emailed him today to find out what the plan was to pay back the Non-profits. This seems to be Acteva’s MO, ignore the main points and focus on the the trivial items like Dave Bunnell did with his “Do you hate Indians?” comment. There is another gem we are withholding that illustrates that is an Acteva employee, but we will save that for a later date.

        To conclude, WD, acteva does not want to address your complaint or the complaints listed on this site, instead that are more then happy to make silly comments and ignore the rest. We encourage everyone that is owed money to contact us so we can get all of the complaints turned over to the BBB, The San Francisco District Attorney’s office and the California Attorney General. There a lawyer that is already representing 2 non-profits if you want to join them and stand united.

      • Claudio
        The only logical explanation for Acteva not paying people, or paying them in small amounts while waiting for checks to clear, is that they are NOT ABLE to pay. The only way for the company to save itself would be to come clean with people awaiting payment, instead of giving them excuses that don’t pass the giggle test. The next step would be to come up with a payment plan with these folks, and honor your commitments. That includes answering messages.

        What you folks are doing by ignoring calls and emails from customers is creating a lot of negative PR and will seriously impact Acteva’s ability to get future customers. in short, it is contributing to the demise of the company.

        Claudio – if the company can’t afford to pay its bills, how long will it be before it can’t pay your salary? I believe you’re on a sinking ship, but can’t admit it long enough to grab a bucket and start trying to help save it.

    • Yes, I have some knowledge on how to take legal action. You first have to serve them with a “demand for arbitration” and ask to recover what you are owed, interest, and arbitration fees. This should indicate that the reason is “breach of contract”. Include all “evidence” which can be downloaded from acteva’s website under your logon Id. That would include the terms and conditions as well as the money info (what was collected and when, and what, if anything, was paid to you).

      The original form and filing fee goes to the American Arbitration Association, the copy goes to Acteva.

      you can find the form here: http://www.adr.org/aaa/ShowPDF?doc=ADRSTG_004177

      • Thank you for that help. We will pass it along to the list of non-profits we have. Hopefully it will help and they can start getting their money back. Thank you.

  3. Yeah, they owe us a pile of money too. I’ve already filed with BBB and the CA Atty General, 2 weeks ago, so one of those two complaints is mine. It appears to me like they don’t have the funds to pay everyone back at once, which would probably qualify as a PONZI scheme. How can you tell how many complaints the AG has??

    • We are sorry to hear that. We only know of complaints being filled with the California Attorney General by hearing directly from other non-profits. We will look and see if there is a way to see how many complaints have been filled with the Attorney General.

      We hear that Soon the BBB will be printing the full complaint details and any responses from Acteva. We already know what the complaints are, lack of payment. So many complaints we are hearing refer to Acteva as a ponzi scheme. We think its pure fraud. If you want to send us any documentation, we would love to publish it on our site. We can leave you name off of the documents.

      • What documentation would you find valuable? If I send a list of all unreturned calls and emails, you’ll need more server space.

  4. How is it that companies like this can get away with their scams? Why aren’t they being investigated by the DOJ or something? The organizations that were defrauded need to get their acts together and file both criminal and civil cases to get Acteva shut down, at least in the US where we have jurisdiction.

    • Tim – that’s a great idea!! I hope that a site like this can help all of those companies to connect with each other so that they can come together and get this company, which seems to obviously be a horrible one, to get shut down!

      • That is one of goals. We are having a lot of non-profits partnering up in the lawsuits to get their money. They are also filing complaints with the Attorney General in California.

    • Yes, it is. Its almost as the regard their BBB rating the same way as the complaints. They constantly posting on FB and Twitter trying to focus on new customers. While they are busy focusing on new clients, some of the clients that have been using them for years are leaving and refusing to come back. Maybe its time, they lose their business license and were fully investigated. There will be another complaint closing next too.

  5. This is atrocious! Owing non-profits tons of money & not paying them is a crime, and Acteva must be stopped! Any company they have robbed should take legal action against Acteva.

    • There are several non[profits that have contacted the BBB. The BBB has contacted and is working with the San Francisco District Attorney along with the California Attorney General. We are encouraging everybody to personally contact the the S.F. D.A. and the Attorney General, even if you are not one of the Non-profits. The more they are contacted, the better are chances of getting a full scale investigation.

  6. Good Afternoon,

    Although Acteva does not share financial information regarding our customers, we do want to communicate that we have been in touch with all of the non-profit organizations and are working with each one directly to address their concerns.

    For the past few months we have been in contact with all of the non-profit customers. For most of those customers all of their questions along with any receipts that were due have been resolved for quite some time. Other organizations are receiving payments and will continue to do so till they are fully paid.

    If you have any further questions regarding your individual account, please contact CustomerCare@acteva.com. Please include your full contact information and your Account ID#.

    Acteva Team

  7. Our organization is owed over $5000 from an event held in late January. I have been going round and round with them and provided all documentation of total dollar sales and the checks we received. I was getting concerned and now i see there are many issues out there. I have used them in the past and nothing like this has happened

    • Mary,

      We are sorry to hear that. We know that a lot of NPO’s have not had issues and had been using Acteva for years. We think that you have been very fourtunate thus far. This is no telling when they issues started but we see complaints dating back to 2009. It seems that the issues have excelerated the last few months. We have sent you one email and will follow up with another one shortly and steps you can take.

      We are APPALLED that we are still being contacted by new NPO’s on a weekly basis.

  8. Please help! I don’t see any recent posts on this site and I am desperately trying to find out what is going on now with acteva. We have the same story: we are owed about $30,000. We had been getting payments of $5,000 at a time. The last check we received bounced last Friday. I can’t get a live person on the phone. Not even in sales at 3 pm. Is this it??? Are their assets frozen? Have they closed shop? Any answers would be helpful.

    • We just updated a few posts last week. Today we have updated a few posts with new information. Please email us so we can assist you with the proper steps to take. I just used the live chat and they claim that the sales staff is in. They could very well be ignoring you like they have been doing with countless others.

    • It helps if you file a complaint with the BBB, the SF DA’s office and the CA Attorney General. You can also file a demand for arbitration with a lawyer and recoup the lawyer fees along with the some of the fees Acteva took as part of the registration process.

      • Suggested tactics will only yield money if there is still money left. If Acteva declares bankruptcy, you’re out of luck. Best to act sooner rather than later.

        • I agree, Nick – if they file bankruptcy, we won’t see a dime, and with TWO BOUNCED CHECKS within the last week from this company, I have a feeling that might be imminent. I am following the steps suggested by Acteva Sucks (and I appreciate the help), but I am now exploring a new tactic – suing the Board of Directors for breach of fiduciary duty. Many companies buy insurance for their board in the event they are sued, or they can be liable personally. If we decide to proceed, I will let others know so they can join us. In the meantime, I have a list of the Board of Directors. If someone from Acteva does not respond to me by Wednesday, I’m going to mention their names in my online complaints. How will they know who to contact? I guess they’ll have to reach out to all the non-profits to whom they owe money. Thank you to everyone on this site for your ongoing support and advice.

          • If you take legal action, there are two things you can do. First, file a “demand for arbitration” citing breach of contract since you can’t sue Acteva (it’s in the contract that you have to arbitrate). Second, you can file a request that asks a judge to order Acteva to set aside the money it owes you in the event that the arbitration goes in your favor (which should be for the amount owed plus any legal and arbitration fees). That request means you are first in line to get paid and they can’t “hide” the money. But you need to act before bankruptcy. The admin of this site can put you in touch with me if you wish to get more info on this option….which I THINK you can do without a lawyer.

          • I am sorry to hear that Acteva has bounced two different checks this week. I am not sure that this is a sign of the Acteva is on the brink of bankruptcy, as they had bounce checks in years past. It does seem like there are a lot of different groups all demanding money now. It seems like Acteva is unprepared to handle the numerous payments that they are attempting to make. If you do discover a current list of board members, I would be interested in that list. I have not be able to find a current list yet. I am glad that you have taken my advice and I hope it works out for you too. That encourages me a lot and helps me to push forward. Please let me know if you make any progress in getting paid. I heard from another group that advised their register attenders to file for a refund with the credit card companies. They then had everyone submit the payment another way. I am not sure if this is an option for you. Please keep me informed as I love hearing the status even if its not positive.

          • Thank you. Yes, I agree Nick, our contract requires us to arbitrate any dispute against Acteva, so I will be getting in touch with you for more information about how to initiate that. The other cause of action I’m exploring (which I mentioned previously) is suing the board of directors personally for breach of fiduciary duty, which I believe is outside the contract, and therefore would not have to be done through arbitration. I’m still researching that angle, but I’ll keep you posted. I will also send the list of Board members I have. I am not yet sure that it’s up to date, so I don’t want to publish it on the site, but I’ll send it to admin. privately.

          • I emailed you with the Nick’s contact email. I also emailed Nick with your contact email too. That is an interesting angle to take. I wonder how successful it will be. I would call Sadia ASAP. She might be able to assist you much faster too. I have found several Board Members but have not been able to verify them either. That is why they are not on this site. I do suspect that David “Dave” Bunnell is still an active member. He is denying it though. Its hard to trust anybody affiliated with Acteva, since Acteva has been caught in several lies.

  9. You might have some luck getting one of these two people to reach out on your behalf – both have been dealing with Acteva and are familiar with the problems:

    Tecoyia Porter
    Dispute Resolution Specialist (Better Business Bureau)
    Tel: 510 844-2014
    Fax: 510 844-2614

    Sadia Islam
    Consumer Mediation
    San Francisco District Attorney’s Office
    732 Brannan Street
    San Francisco, CA 94103
    Consumer Hotline: (415) 551-9595

  10. I’m Vice President of an international professional association. We used Acteva in 2011 for our conference registration. They had over $300K of our funds and sent it to us in $25K, then $30K, bits & pieces. They claimed our account had been flagged for “special handling”. (huh???) They pretty much ignored our questions and complaints. We actually had to liquidate a few assets to pay bills, incurring penalties while they accumulated interest from the money they were sitting on. I opened a complaint with the BBB. Just last week I heard from the S.F. DA’s office again and sent them more information. I hope they’re prosecuted.

    • I have seen it and others like it. A friend of mine had alerted me to them and we posted a few comments on them. The interesting fact is that this press rlease went live as the entire sales staff was dolaid off. I do know there is one sales member left, Robert Blake as he is running the live demo of the Acteva product.

  11. Acteva still owes my group $16,800 for a conference we held the first week of April. People had been paying through Acteva since February. After contacting Acteva numerous times, I received one check for $1,600 about a month ago, but I have not heard back in the past month, and we still are waiting on the remaining $16,800. We are a small non-profit, and the conference is our main source of income for the year

  12. We are a small non-profit organization that used Acteva for a conference in April. To date we have only received about 10% of our $8000+ in registration fees. Please add us to your list of complainers! Would appreciate any help you can offer.

  13. After using Acteva for several years, we have been unsuccessful in getting over $23,000 that Acteva collected from our conference attendees since this past February. Our conference is now over and we still owe the hotel. We get no responses from Acteva after leaving scores of messages. What a shame for a business to treat customers this way.

  14. We are a student run, small non-profit organization aimed at teaching and promoting integrative medicine and used Acteva for our June forum. The money from this event is how we sustain for the entire year. We have tried repeatedly to contact Acteva for the money we are owed and have not received one response or dollar.

    Acteva is a fraudulent organization and I hope that action is taken against them soon!

    • There are so many choice words to use to describe Acteva. It does appear that their actions could easily be labeled CRIMINAL. I will email you with some suggestions to use to try and recoup your money. Acteva has been given countless opportunities to do the right thing and have not. Acteva is a horrible, despicable, heinous company. I would love nothing more than to see them locked up in Federal court. Email pgupta@acteva.com and pankaj@acteva.com and tell him you will be contacting the press.

      • We are a small nonprofit professional insurance organization that has been using Acteva for many years, Over the last two years, we have experienced much difficulty in receiving payments for our completed events. Last year we had close to $5,000 we were owed for completed events we did not get paid for, and it took us close to three months (involving numerous unanswered phone calls & emails) to finally collect the full amount we were due. At first, we thought there was a problem with our mailing address, as Acteva alleges the checks were sent, but “lost in the mail.” As this happened to a # of checks, we found this hard to believe. In any case, we finally received a check for the full amount we were due. This year, after an entire fiscal year of using Acteva for our events, we only received one small partial payment, and they now owe our organization over $10,000 — and we have yet to get a return phone call or email addressing our complaints. I have been reading postings from this site, and I see recommendations to contact the BBB, CA State Attorney General, as well as SF District Attorney’s office — can anyone recommend any further courses of action? I did read that clients are unable to sue Acteva, but must handle disputes through arbitration — is this the only avenue for recovery in their contract? I also saw a posting about suing their board of directors — is this avenue gaining traction & how can we obtain more information about “groups” or “classes” of wronged individuals banning together in an effort to obtain the monies they are owed. My heart goes out to all those that have been swindled by this organization that claims to be such a great organization on their website! We will not be using Acteva for any more of our events, and will recommend to anyone considering doing business with this fraudulent organization, to STAY AWAY! Thank you for setting up this website, as a forum to help those affected by Acteva’s crimes.

  15. Yes, sadly they can’t be sued. But even though individual organizations are limited, the DA and AG can take action if they see a pattern of abuse or fraud. That is why we’re encouraging everyone to contact them and file a complaint.

    Here are the Terms and Conditions from the contract we had:

    Any controversy between the parties hereto involving any claim arising out of or relating to a breach of this Agreement shall be submitted to and be settled by final and binding arbitration in San Francisco, California, in accordance with the then current
    Commercial Arbitration Rules of the American Arbitration Association (the “AAA”). The arbitrator shall determine a prevailing party. The prevailing party shall be entitled to reasonable attorneys’ fees, costs (including arbitrators’ costs).

    • David:

      Thank you for your clarification on the recovery requirements for breach of contract, under Acteva’s written agreement. Reading our organization’s contract, we also have the same stipulation in regards to arbitration being the sole avenue of settlement. Also, I see that the arbitration must be handled in San Francisco, CA — I guess if your organization is based outside of CA, there is no means to handle this from outside of the state? Would you recommend working with an attorney in CA, or an attorney based in the state where your organization resides — to facilitate moving the arbitration process along? I can’t believe this organization can get away with such egregious behavior, and still remain in business! Smells like a ponzi scheme to me, that will eventually catch up with them!

      • I am not sure you need an attorney, although it would make it easier. If you go that route, then definitely get one based in CA. Otherwise, you can file a demand for arbitration by following the process as outlined in the AAA (American Arbitration Association) – http://www.adr.org. That still will not guarantee you will get all your money back – if the pot has run dry, there’s not much you can do.

  16. Does anyone have verification on which address to use for Acteva for the Arbritration paperwork? The address on their contract and on their website are different

  17. I know you can file online at this address https://apps.adr.org/webfile/. You need to register first, and I’m presuming that the online version will walk you though the steps.

    As far as the address goes should one not decide to file online, I’d send the paperwork via certified mail to the address listed on their website.

    456 Montgomery Street, 8th Floor
    San Francisco, CA 94104

    Should there be another street address possible, it wouldn’t hurt to send a copy there as well to cover all of the bases.

    Nothing gets filed with the court if you are only doing the demand for arbitration. If they decide to settle, the terms of the settlement will be approved by a judge and filed with the court.

  18. I am with an organization that it took 6 months to get paid in full for an April 2012 event (check was ‘lost in the mail’). I was lucky to get a single response per month in the interim. We are now awaiting an $11,000 payment from them for an April 2013 event.

    As they are into interstate commerce, is there any way the federal government would engage in securing our past due income, AND shut them down so other NOPs do not get burned and it hurts their other income sources?

  19. That’s a very good question. I’ve been wondering why the CA Attorney General and/or the SF District Attorney haven’t stepped up tot he plate yet. Perhaps not enough people have complained yet? If we could get the Feds to look into this, it would be fantastic!

    • I wonder if there is a wire fraud angle here, which is a federal offense. We eventually were paid in full by Acteva in late June/early July, about 7 months late. Our electronic Acteva statements (accessed by logging in to the Acteva site) dated at the time payment had been due around November/December purported to show that we had been paid in full in a few lump sum payments. The electronic statements even showed the check #s that were purportedly issued to us in November/December. The the reality was that Acteva had never sent those checks. Fast forward months later, and many angry emails and phone calls later, the money trickled in $5,000 at a time every couple of weeks, not in the large lump sum checks that should have been issued to us all along at the beginning. The point of this is that Acteva is using electronic means (issuing fraudulent electronic statements) to take money (or keep money) that isn’t theirs. Isn’t that classic wire fraud? I also wonder if there are tax fraud implications there.

      • Regarding wire fraud – possibly, yes, but I’m not an attorney.

        My take is this. If you intentionally write a bad check, it’s against the law. Why wouldn’t it be against the law to continue to accept money from customers knowing full well that you don’t have the ability to pay it back, at least in a way that resembles the payment schedule in everyone’s contract? Certainly it is “breach of contract”, that’s obvious. But to enter into such a contract intentionally…..that should be criminal.

        I still don’t know why the DA and AG isn’t all over this.

  20. I was contacted by the SF DA’s office in june. They requested information, which I sent. Don’t know the status of anything they’re doing, however.

  21. We hired Acteva as the online payment processor for training classes in March 2012, July 2012 and December 2012. They are withholding $19,529 in funds paid to them by our clients. We are a 501c3 non-profit organization that provides free mediation services to our community. Our organization also provides mediation skills training to members of the public who are interested in learning how to mediate. We rely on the revenue generated from training to support free mediation services. Acteva is keeping money paid in good faith by our training participants, who would be horrified to find out that their money is being held improperly by our payment processor.

  22. Based on research, Naveen Singha, Angel Investor for Acteva for 15 years.

    About Naveen Singha’s involvement: 1998 – Present (15 years) – Founded in 1998, Acteva is an event registration service provider for event organizers. Acteva automates the entire event registration process and brings it online. Since its founding over 16,500 event organizers have relied on Acteva to help increase attendance, reduce administrative burden and provide an outstanding online experience for their attendees, participants and customers.

    Anyone has address or phone number or e-mail for Naveen Singha.

  23. I sure wish your site had been up and running last year at this time, when I was researching online registration companies. Thanks for your website; it contains valuable information and helps give me a plan of action rather than just wringing my hands.

  24. Wow, its nice to see somebody stand up and take action against a nasty company. I can not believe that the Acteva employees would leave such ridiculous comments. I think calling one of their clients a dumbshit is the lowest of the low. They seem to be just as slimy as their fake comments.

  25. I can not believe you created a whole website for this company. You sure don’t seem to be short on material. I am more appalled at how this company continues to act today. You would have thought that they would have learned by now. Such a shame.

  26. I am glad to see to see it when people take a stand on any issue. More injustice needs to be battled and dealt with. BY the responses from Acteva, they need to be shut down, so not to hurt our businesses.

  27. Acteva owes us $13,000+ from April of this year. I did contact an attorney in CA. It will cost us around $2000 to file the arbitration, then another $2-3000 to file the judgement after we win in court. He advised against throwing good money after bad. I did talk to and file with the FTC today. American Express is trying to find out what is going on also. Tomorrow or Thursday I will be talking to the SFDA, CFD and the CA AG. Their lawyers keep quitting on them, probably from non-payment. I contacted VISA Intl., what a waste of time. Enjoying the thread, at least I’m not the only NPO that got taken. I am one of the BBB reports from this summer. They haven’t bounced a check on me but they did forget to sign one. Currently 120 to 210 days past due.

  28. David K –

    Please share any insights you may have after talking to the FTC, SFDA and CA AG. Several of us have filed with the SFDA and CA AG, but they have not really been of much help. However, since my last contact with them, many more complaints have been received. We’re all wondering why the DA and AG have not stepped up to the plate to stop this mess; they surely must know that Acteva continues to collect money that it can’t repay.

    I don’t know anyone else that has filed with the FTC – do you think that is worthwhile doing? They probably can’t help an individual organization, but surely they have the power to put an end to this “ponzi scheme”.

    • Since NPOs are businesses and Acteva is holding money from all of us, it becomes a trade problem. Since it crosses state lines, it can become Federal. I start with the CFPB, but since we are a business, they switched us to FTC. Will be sending our package to the SFDA CFD this week and hope to find time to contact the CA AG office to add our case and see where they are. About time for me to send another annoying letter to Acteva again. It’s been a week!

  29. Has anyone looked into a Class Action Law Suit? They owe us about $50,000. We heard the same thing about spending good money (that we don’t even have) to chase money we may never get. I just don’t understand how there can be so many organizations who are owed money and there is nothing we can do.

  30. This company’s website should be shut down immediately. The credit card companies should also stop doing business this company. This company is hurting nonprofit organizations because this is sole source of their revenue.

  31. As someone else said, I wish I’d seen reviews like this before I signed with Acteva last November. We did manage to get all of our money in $5K increments for an event we held last summer, but it took threatening the company with UC legal counsel, filing a complaint with BBB, and supplying the SFDA with information. I think we should shout our complaints from the rooftops so that other groups don’t sign up with Acteva and suffer like we have. I’m happy to see that this website comes up near the top when you Google Acteva. At one point, I also thought of asking my conference attendees to cancel with Acteva and then pay directly through me. I think we need to get Salesforce and the credit card companies to stop being a part of this fraud.

    • Salesforce has already started looking into Acteva. Their listing was made private. They are undergoing a security review. My wife’s company wishes they had seen reviews like this too in November. I am just happy to hear that you were able to get your money back.

  32. I am regular visitor to this site. I have been keeping tabs on all of the developments with this site. I have noticed a lot of news reports covering Acteva. I am glad that the press is getting involved. Have you heard if anybody is getting paid anything?

  33. I am now being contacted by other event companies wanting me to use them as they see that I am using Acteva. The vultures are circling. Not sure their offers are steps up or backwards. It leaves a bad taste in mouth.

    • I am the Treasurer of a National Non-profit and I too was very skeptical after our own Acteva horror story. 1)PLEASE file a complaint with the BBB and 2) contact the California AG Office. This website makes it VERY easy!! Click on ‘File a Complaint’ I have researched other vendors from this arena and found RegOnline (The Active Network, Inc)to be a VERY helpful and supportive organization. Hope this helps!

  34. My friend told me that were having issues get paid by Acteva. I was shocked to find this site. I am glad my friend is not alone but feel so bad for the others owed money. I guess I need to do more research before I contract out any work to a new vendor. Is it just me, or is Acteva no longer responding to complaints or their customers?

    • You’d have better luck getting the Tooth Fairy to call you back.

      We considered CVENT and Eventbrite, and eventually chose Eventbrite for a subsequent event, although I’m open to other vendors as well. And if they contact me out of the blue, like vultures, I’m not interested (hear that, Active Network? NOT INTERESTED in solicitations)

  35. Just received a voice mail on my cell phone from Acteva. Called them back, dialing 0 to get through their automated system and got allegedly, Mr. Gupta’s secretary/scheduler. He wants to call and talk to me on next Monday about our account. I advised her that if it was going to be the same old BS, I wasn’t interested. I asked her the reason that I haven’t heard anything in 7 months? She didn’t have any answers. She did advise that they weren’t going bankrupt. Nothing more from the local TV station. I will advise on Monday afternoon or evening what he had to say. I will accept nothing less than the money he owes us now. I WILL NOT call off the SF District Attorney, BBB, Federal Trade Commission or CA Attorney General UNTIL I AM PAID IN FULL. (in case any of his minions are reading this site.)

    • David – just curious, if you state that you won’t contact the BBB/AG/DA/FTC until you are paid in full, wouldn’t that give Acteva motivation NOT to pay you in full?

      • We don’t expect to get paid in full anyways. It is now on principle. Actually, I think it would give him more reason to pay in full. I think there is enough pressure on him from media, District Attorney, AG, and the Feds that if he wants to do business and stay out of jail, (ponzi scheme), that he would want to settle. Meanwhile, the attorneys will still keep after him. I have talked to our attorneys. The rumors I am hearing, if you believe any rumors, are not in good faith and are an insult. If the rumors of his offers are true, our attorney has advised it is not enough to lift any restraints, etc. This is just my feeling and I am agreeing with the attorneys in this case.

  36. Why is the the BBB complaint count shrinking? It looks like complaints are being reopnened and closed in Acteva’s favor. They ignore the complaints for months and not offer a few bucks and the complaints go away. That is just sad. They are getting off to easily. The complaints should not get resolved until after they have paid off the full balance.

    • The reason it is shrinking is that Acteva is reaching out to the people they owe money to and offering “token” payments with a promise for larger payments after the first of the year. They have finally reported to the BBB what they are doing. BBB sends out a letter to the complainant and if you accept the response, then the complaint is closed. I did not accept the response because I haven’t seen the money yet and won’t accept it until I see some good faith payments on their part.

  37. I found this site a while back and my heart just sank. I couldn’t believe what all I read. It makes sense with the lack of payments and unreturned phone calls and emails. My complaint with the BBB was ignored too. I have no hope for the money to be paid back. I read the BBB complaints that have been recently closed and they do not feel me with any hope. Acteva is offer $100 to $150 to make one payment while over countless thousands. I wish I never ever heard of Acteva. I wish they would be shut down for good.

  38. I spoke with Pankaj Gupta on the phone on October 21st, 2013. He outlined the financial challenges that Acteva faced, assured me that their goal was to have us “paid as quickly as possible.” We outlined a payment plan and he sent me a follow up e-mail later that afternoon.

    Is it now January 9th, 2014, and I still have yet to receive payment of any sort. I called and spoke with another employee of Acteva, who “would check into it,” but still nothing.

    I received a reply from the BBB outlining Acteva’s reply, (essentially that they would had established a payment plan), however I responded to the BBB that I could not “accept” their response since I have not received any payment from them.

    Has anyone had any success with legal action?

    • I noticed that Pankaj was actively addressing the BBB complaints with promises to send a payment. It appears that its just a stall tactic if they are not following up on their offer. It is January and a lot of people are curious to see this new payment plan. I know that Mr. Gupta was served personally at the beginning of December. A few people have won their arbitration cases and had default judgments awarded since Pankaj did not show up. There are more steps involve to get the judgement and money awarded, but its a step. Acteva needs to make good on their promises and start paying back the money the have collected. Pankaj can claim he never intended to defraud anybody, but not paying money back is not helping his image and case. I will check around and see how others are fairing with their cases against Acteva.

  39. I received a check in December for $250. BBB sent me a request about what Acteva was saying. I did NOT accept it as I claimed it was only a “token” payment and until I received a large chunk of money from them, I would not accept it. He promised to call/send, etc. information in January. It is now February, nothing. I just sent another letter reminding him that it is a felony to commit fraud across state lines. Haven’t heard from the FTC. Looks like I may need to see where we are with the SF district attorney.

  40. Thanks for the update, David. Do let us know what the DA says. I can’t believe they are still allowing this to continue.

  41. Another payment from Acteva today. At this rate, it will take over 4 years to have the account paid off from what they owe us. But I will take what I can get. I still want all of it, but some is better than nothing even if it is slow.

    • I am glad you got another payment. I think I figured out why Acteva ran of money to pay people back. I will be updating the site shortly. I found a few failed ventures that may explain why Acteva is so far behind in paying people back. I do believe Acteva could pay people back much faster if they stopped trolling my site and trying to hack it on an hourly basis. That is just my two cents.

  42. Haven’t seen much posted for a some time. received 4 checks earlier this year totaling $1000. Then received a letter about the end of March saying they were suspending payments until around August and hoping they would be able to resume the payment schedule then. Anyone else hearing anything the same or different? Or is it time to file with that worthless body, BBB of SF again?

    • David, this the first I have heard of this. I haven’t posted any updates as I have not heard anything recently. I did hear that Pankaj had an assistant that no longer works for him. It is August so I am now curious to see if anybody is starting to see any forms of payments or if this Mr. Gupta blowing smoke. Thank you for the update and information. I would suggest contacting the BBB and SF DA and see if they can help in any way. It may be a good idea to remind them about Acteva.

      • Still nothing. Just went to the BBB to reopen our complaint and e-mailed my contact at SF DA office to get the ball rolling again. Was on LinkedIn today looking at possible people to add and saw your buddy’s name, Ed Lemire, there. He hasn’t updated his LinkedIn account. Still says he is an Executive Vice President at Acteva.

        • My buddy? I hope he is not my buddy. For all we know Ed could very well still be employed with Acteva. I am sorry that you have not seen any checks. I am still hearing of more complaints. Acteva’s new corporate address is a new PO Box. They still have some money to spend.

  43. Back in April I was called by the SF DA’s office. They asked for information about my organization’s experience with Acteva. (we had filed with the BBB in 2011) I told them we eventually got all our money (> $200K), as well as a few other details. I assumed they were building a case; we exchanged a few emails and talked by phone a couple of times. Haven’t heard anything since.

  44. I tried to reopen the BBB file two weeks ago. never heard anything back from BBB. Tonight, I filed a new complaint with BBB, sent an e-mail to SF DA for an update, filed with the California AG, AND filed with the FTC. That’s right, I filed again with the Feds. I would file with DOJ, but can’t find something to file under. Maybe this will get something going.

  45. just filed with California DCA also. This “gentleman” needs to have someone stick it to him. Although I will probably never get everything back he owes us, he needs to be put out of business and in jail. This is either a ponzi scheme or a huge fraud on NPOs. I am now after him on a matter of principle. He has screwed too many people.
    If he or one of his minions reads this, just know that I am not going away. I will make his life miserable at least until my organization gets every time back with the interest he has promised. If I have to fly to California to testify at his federal trial, I will be there.

  46. I gave Acteva a 2nd chance after Mr. Gupta (the president) made me whole late last year. They now owe me $500+ from last April. I filed a complaint with the FBI in San Francisco for wire fraud…

  47. File a complaint in writing with the San Francisco office of the FBI as such:

    A San Francisco company named Acteva operates an online registration and payment service that is used by entities all across the United States. I believe they are guilty of wire fraud:

    9-43.100 Prosecution Policy Relating to Mail Fraud and Wire Fraud
    Prosecutions of fraud ordinarily should not be undertaken if the scheme employed consists of some isolated transactions between individuals, involving minor loss to the victims, in which case the parties should be left to settle their differences by civil or criminal litigation in the state courts. Serious consideration, however, should be given to the prosecution of any scheme which in its nature is directed to defrauding a class of persons, or the general public, with a substantial pattern of conduct.

    It is the FBI’s duty to investigate.

  48. The FBI address is:

    The Federal Bureau of Investigation
    450 Golden Gate Avenue, 13th Floor
    San Francisco, CA 94102-9523

  49. I received a reply from DCA, California Department of Consumer Affairs. They told me that they don’t license companies like Acteva, therefore it is out of their hands. They suggested I contact the San Francisco District Attorney, Consumer Protection Division which I had already done. Waiting to hear from the others.

  50. Received a letter today from California AG. It states and I quote “This letter is to inform you that we have been unable to elicit any response from the company you named in your consumer complaint. We had hoped that by writing to them and sending them your complaint that an agreeable solution to your problem could be achieved. This often occurs without the necessity of further action.
    The AG is prohibited by law from representing individual citizens in legal matters. As a result, we must end our direct involvement in your case. However, we will keep your complaint on file because it could be reactivated if our office takes legal action on behalf of the people of California against this company at some future date.”

    They suggest I contact a private attorney, blah, blah, blah. They also say I could bring action in small claims court in matters involving less than $10K.

    They regret they can’t be of more assistance.

    • David,

      Did you let them know that the San Francisco DA did what they were unable to or unwilling to do? I am still trying to find out information on Pankaj’s legal standings. I know he has at least 2 open civil cases along with his criminal case. I am looking into the criminal case, but have not found anything out yet. If anybody is able to get that information, please feel free to email me.

    • Your tax dollars at work again. I got the same letter almost 2 years ago. Apparently even though he decided to screw with a group of journalists and lawyers (bad idea), he managed not to do the same with someone associated with the AG.

  51. Status update from recent court filing:

    “The status of the criminal proceeding against him is as follows:

    Mr. Gupta’s bail was set at $300,000 (reduced from $750,000) at the time of his release in late October;

    The Complaint against Mr. Gupta alleges ten felony counts for Grand Larceny and Embezzlement identifying approximately five victims. The Complaint also alleges two bases for enhancement of penalties under California criminal statutes. The enhancements are based on the felonies (i) constituting a pattern of conduct involving white collar criminal activity (i.e. embezzlement and deceit), and (ii) resulting in greater than $200,000 in the aggregate having been taken.

    The next hearing in the criminal proceeding is scheduled for January 15, 2015.”

    So, he’s on the hot seat tomorrow. I wish I could be a fly on the courtroom wall.

    • Unfortunately, my info comes from a “court document viewing” website called Pacer. And they only have documents from a couple organizations that have taken legal action against Acteva. The case brought by one victim has been delayed due to Gupta’s legal problems, and the judge in the case has ordered monthly updates on the criminal proceedings, since it obviously affects the civil case. So…..I won’t have another update until perhaps mid February.

      That said, if anyone reading this is a lawyer……are criminal proceedings made public and/or how can we find out what happened on Jan 15?

  52. From a recent case (dated 2/2/15):

    Pursuant to this Court’s Order Staying Deadlines and Requiring Monthly Status Reports [Docket No. 48], counsel for plaintiff XXXXX (“Plaintiff”) and counsel to defendant Web2Web Marketing Inc. (“Defendant”) and to Pankaj Gupta (“Mr. Gupta”) hereby file this Joint Status Report regarding the status of Mr. Gupta’s arrest and the criminal proceedings against him.

    Since the last monthly status report, a hearing was scheduled in Mr. Gupta’s case for January 15, 2015. Defense counsel asked Mr. Gupta for an update regarding what happened at this hearing and on the overall status of the criminal proceedings against Mr. Gupta, but Mr. Gupta has not responded to these requests. Accordingly, counsel for the parties do not know what happened at this hearing.


    The attorney for Gupta/Web2Web marketing is Alexander Volchegursky (apparently he is not representing Gupta for the criminal charges). I don’t have any knowledge as to what happened on the Jan 15 court date. This info should be available if someone is so inclined to visit the court house (freedom of information act) but I’m out of state and don’t have that luxury.

  53. March 2 UPDATE from recent case – looks like Gupta ignores his lawyer as well as he ignored Acteva customers:

    Pursuant to this Court’s Order Staying Deadlines and Requiring Monthly Status Reports, counsel for plaintiff and counsel to defendant Web2Web Marketing Inc. (“Defendant”) and to Pankaj Gupta (“Mr. Gupta”) hereby file this Joint Status Report regarding the status of Mr. Gupta’s arrest and the criminal proceedings against him.

    Since the last monthly status report, Defense counsel asked Mr. Gupta for an update on the status of the criminal proceedings against Mr. Gupta, but Mr. Gupta has not responded to these requests. Given the ongoing criminal proceedings against Mr. Gupta, the parties respectfully request that the Court’s Order Staying Deadlines and Requiring Monthly Status Reports, be modified so that the parties are required to prepare bi-annual or quarterly status reports as opposed to monthly status reports.

  54. March 2 UPDATE from recent case – looks like Gupta ignores his lawyer as well as he ignored Acteva customers:

    Pursuant to this Court’s Order Staying Deadlines and Requiring Monthly Status Reports, counsel for plaintiff and counsel to defendant Web2Web Marketing Inc. (“Defendant”) and to Pankaj Gupta (“Mr. Gupta”) hereby file this Joint Status Report regarding the status of Mr. Gupta’s arrest and the criminal proceedings against him.

    Since the last monthly status report, Defense counsel asked Mr. Gupta for an update on the status of the criminal proceedings against Mr. Gupta, but Mr. Gupta has not responded to these requests. Given the ongoing criminal proceedings against Mr. Gupta, the parties respectfully request that the Court’s Order Staying Deadlines and Requiring Monthly Status Reports, be modified so that the parties are required to prepare bi-annual or quarterly status reports as opposed to monthly status reports.

  55. Just received a call from the SF DAs office. Reading between the lines, it appears to me they may be widening their case. We discussed Mr. Gupta at length. Anyone else receiving calls? The case is continuing slow but sure. He isn’t helping his case if he isn’t talking to his lawyers.

    • David,
      You are the third person that was reached out to me the past 24 hours. Yes, its appear that the DA is reaching out to everyone that has filed a complaint with them. I am under the impression that is really just the beginning.

  56. I also got a call a few days ago. The person told me they were talking to people to find out how much money they had lost. My organization luckily got all that was owed to us (over $300K), so I think I didn’t help much. But I’m sure there are plenty of you out there with a different story.

    • Dave, you are one of the few lucky ones. I wish there were more stories like yours. It does seem like the DA’s is really stepping up their case against Pankaj Gupta.

      • Hopefully there will be no plea bargain and they really nail these jerks. It was obvious to us early that something was going on. Their unresponsiveness was amazing.

  57. APRIL UPDATE (from filing on 4/1/15). Bonehead still isn’t talking to his attorney. I suspect the next news will be regarding the criminal charges, which is handled by the DA. If anyone knows when the court date for that is, please do post!

    Pursuant to this Court’s Order Staying Deadlines and Requiring Monthly Status Reports [Docket No. 48], counsel for plaintiff XXXXX (“Plaintiff”) and counsel to defendant Web2Web Marketing Inc. (“Defendant”) and to Pankaj Gupta (“Mr. Gupta”) hereby file this Joint Status Report regarding the status of Mr. Gupta’s arrest and the criminal proceedings against him.

    Since the last monthly status report, Defense counsel has again asked Mr. Gupta for an update on the status of the criminal proceedings against Mr. Gupta, but Mr. Gupta has not responded to these requests.

    Given the ongoing criminal proceedings against Mr. Gupta and Mr. Gupta’s lack of responsivness, the parties respectfully request that the Court’s Order Staying Deadlines and Requiring Monthly Status Reports [Docket No. 48], be modified so that the parties are required to prepare bi-annual or quarterly status reports as opposed to monthly status reports.

  58. May 6 UPDATE: (this is starting to sound like a broken record….)

    Pursuant to this Court’s Order Staying Deadlines and Requiring Monthly Status Reports [Docket No. 48], counsel for plaintiff and counsel to defendant Web2Web Marketing Inc. (“Defendant”) and to Pankaj Gupta (“Mr. Gupta”) hereby file this Joint Status Report regarding the status of Mr. Gupta’s arrest and the criminal proceedings against him.

    Since the last monthly status report, Defense counsel has again asked Mr. Gupta for an update on the status of the criminal proceedings against Mr. Gupta, but Mr. Gupta still has not responded to these requests.

    Given the ongoing criminal proceedings against Mr. Gupta and Mr. Gupta’s lack of
    responsiveness, the parties respectfully request that the Court’s Order Staying Deadlines and Requiring Monthly Status Reports [Docket No. 48], be modified so that the parties are required to prepare bi-annual or quarterly status reports as opposed to monthly status reports.

  59. June 3 update:

    Pursuant to this Court’s Order Staying Deadlines and Requiring Monthly Status Reports [Docket No. 48], counsel for plaintiff XXX (“Plaintiff”) and counsel to defendant Web2Web Marketing Inc. (“Defendant”) and to Pankaj Gupta (“Mr. Gupta”) hereby file this Joint Status Report regarding the status of Mr. Gupta’s arrest and the criminal proceedings against him.

    Since the last monthly status report, Defense counsel has again asked Mr. Gupta for an update on the status of the criminal proceedings against Mr. Gupta, but Mr. Gupta still has not responded to these requests.

      • I provided some info recently to the SF district attorney’s office on my sorry dealings w/ Acteva. They filed a criminal case against Pankaj last Fall, but I have not heard anything since.

  60. Has everyone heard that Web2Web Marketing, Inc. has filed Chapter 7 bankruptcy in California Northern Bankruptcy Court last July?
    I never received paperwork about this and found out through an old news article that they filed last summer. They were using an old address of one of our VPs who was the lead person in the contract. He has since moved. If you need more information and to see if you are listed as a creditor (one of over 3200+), I found it on a busbk.com website. It will give you general information including who their attorney is, trustee, trustee attorney, etc. For a onetime fee of $39.95, you can get a subscription with all filings, every creditor, assets and liabilities, etc. I talked to the trustee attorney today to see how to change the address and get paperwork on the filing. He walked me through it. Says it is a real ugly bankruptcy. Acteva is claiming only $50,000 max in liabilities. The attorney I talked to said it was more like $50 million. With the criminal charges also, it is not looking good for this finishing anytime soon. I can post when I see anything if you like.

  61. Also, I am still working with the San Francisco District attorney on their prosecution. I am resending paperwork because it appears it may have been misplaced between Consumer Mediation and prosecution and it was quicker to resend everything instead of searching for it. I have a short telcon with the DA office set for Friday of this week.

    • When does the DA think this will go to trial? Or does the dA think there is enough evidence to compel him to take a plea bargain? Any idea of what kind of sentence he’d get?

  62. Pankaj Gupta has a Linkedin profile, searchable by his name and even has a recommendation from someone.

  63. Acteva’s bankruptcy case will be final on 5/4/17 according to paperwork I received on Saturday. $94,000 in assets with all going to attorneys for both sides, the trustee, accountants, State of California and the IRS. Even the IRS has to eat over $2.2 million. NPOs get nothing!
    I forgot to say that he reported liabilities of $0-$50,000. His actual liabilities were in excess of $6.2 million overall.
    Makes you wonder where all that money went? Come on civil and criminal cases!

  64. I forgot to say that he reported liabilities of $0-$50,000. His actual liabilities were in excess of $6.2 million overall.
    Makes you wonder where all that money went? Come on civil and criminal cases!

  65. I worked for this company in sales for about 1 month but this was before all the complaints started rolling in. I couldn’t fathom a company wasting so much money on a naming contest that awarded a Porshe as a prize at a huge launch party (https://www.thefreelibrary.com/Acteva+The+Marketplace+for+Activities%2C+Announces+New+Name+at+Grand…-a057159112) then treating their clients so poorly. I left because I saw that the original, impressive management team had left (but wasn’t updated on the company website).

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